When is the new agent Clove coming in Valorant?

With the new Valorant agent finally being revealed at Valorant Masters Madrid, players wonder when they will finally see Clove in Valorant.

By Mokshit Batra
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Clove Valorant release date

Clove in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

For a while now, Riot Games was teasing a new agent soon bound to join the Valorant roster. The new agent was finally revealed to be the Scottish troublemaker Clove. Valorant players have been wondering when they will finally see the release of a new agent. Normally, a new Valorant agent is released at the beginning of every Valorant episode. However, Valorant Episode 8 launched without any signs of a new Valorant agent, leading fans to wonder if they would even get to see a new agent during this episode. 

The game had not seen any new additions to its agent roster since the release of Iso at the start of Valorant Episode 7. Despite multiple leaks revealing a new agent, fans were unsure when they would get to see her in the game. 

New controller Clove will be joining Valorant on March 26th

Thankfully for the fans, Riot Games has not allowed Valorant Episode 8 to pass without the launch of a new agent. During the Showmatch at the grand finals of Valorant Masters Madrid, Riot Games revealed the 25th agent to join the Valorant roster, Clove. Additionally, Riot Games also revealed her abilities and her release date. Players can get their hands on Clove on March 26th, 2024.

Clove in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)


Along with the release of the new agent, Riot Games will also add multiple agent gears on March 26th. The following list outlines all the tiers and rewards for the agent gears - 

    • Tier 1: Gloomheart Spray
    • Tier 2: VALORANT Clove Player Card 
    • Tier 3: Mischievous Title 
    • Tier 4: Wee Punk Spray 
    • Tier 5: 2,000 Kingdom Credits 
    • Tier 6: Metal Wings Gun Buddy
    • Tier 7: Clove Spray
    • Tier 8: Undying Title 
    • Tier 9: Metamorphosis Player Card
    • Tier 10: Flutter Skin for the Ghost

Clove will be the sixth Controller agent in the game. She was recently revealed in a show match between Team Spain and Team International that took place right before the VCT Masters Madrid Finale. Players got to see G2 Gozen IGL Mimi from Team International and Mixwell from Team Spain test out the new agent in their show match. Despite having very limited access to the agent at that point, the players put up a masterclass in how the new agent should be played. 

Like the last two agents, players have to unlock Clove through the Agent Recruitment event, or simply by paying 1000VP. Clove's abilities will allow her to play the control role perfectly, helping her team take over choke points easily. She can even bring herself back to life. Players are excited to see how 'the young immortal' will shake up the meta in Valorant after her release. 

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