Top 5 Valorant Vandal Skins

Fans go wild over Vandal skins in Valorant, and there are many exclusive skins in the game that have captivated players time and time again!

By Sneh Prasad
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Valorant Vandal Skins

Valorant Vandal Skins (Image via TechFirstNow; credits: Riot Games)

Games like Fortnite, CS2, & Valorant are taking over the gaming community. Since the last four years, Valorant has really flourished and has developed a significant player base. Devs have added many new features to the game, making it a really great experience for players. Moreover, Valorant has really expanded its weapon skins. There are many new weapon skins in Valorant. Riot Games has really expanded on the skins culture, and well, it has been their biggest success.

Vandal is one of the game’s primary weapons that players prefer. The gun packs a punch and those crispy one-shots are something to die for or die from! And when coupled with a top-notch skin, the gun is made better in all its senses. Oh, and Riot Games have spent no less effort in crafting the best Valorant Vandal skins. Let’s take a look at some of the best Vandal skins. 

5. Araxys Vandal

This live and breathing Vandal skin is exquisite and quite slithery, too! This skin really brings a sense of fierceness with its constant glow and VFX sound. This skin is really top-of-the-line with an epic finisher and kill banners. And what’s a Valorant Vandal skin if it doesn’t have flashy variants?

Valorant Vandal Skin Araxys

 Araxys Vandal Skin (Image via Riot Games)

  • Color Variants: Base, Purple, Black & Silver         
  • Upgrade Levels: 4       
  •  Cost: 2,175 VP

4. Prelude to Chaos Vandal 

“A nuclear reactor that shoots enemies dead” and that pretty much sums up the Prelude to Chaos Valorant Vandal skin! The constant churning animation of the gun, with a unique reload animation that lets players put a “ball” inside their guns is really wild. The Prelude to Chaos skin bundle is great and its Vandal skin is really addictive to play with for the incredible inspect and reload animation it has.

Valorant Vandal Skin Prelude to Chaos

Prelude to Chaos Vandal Skin (Image via Riot Games)

  • Color Variants: Base, Green, Red, Blue       
  • Upgrade Levels: 4         
  • Cost: 2,175 VP

3. Kuronami Vandal 

Coming straight from Japanese culture, the Kuronami Valorant Vandal skin is in a class of its own. Riot Games has done really well with the Kuronami collection. The watery animation that this skin has, not just on their weapons but also in its name ‘nami’, makes this skin collection stand out and gives a serene feel to it. And the interactive finisher which lets players shoot the ball of water that appears after killing the last enemy alive is also really epic!

Valorant Vandal Skin Kuronami

Kuronami Vandal Skin (Image via Riot Games)

  • Color Variants: Base, Purple, White, Black       
  • Upgrade Levels: 4         
  • Cost: 2,375 VP

2. Valiant Hero Vandal 

Based on the Monkey King, the Valiant Hero Vandal skin is really beautiful. This skin came along with many different skins based on Chinese mythology, history and festivals. The Valiant Hero Vandal skin is a real simplistic beauty coupled with the destructive force of Vandal. The skin’s reload animation although simple, is compensated with the VFX and the finisher. This is a great skin that many players really love.

Valorant Vandal Skin Kuronami

Valiant Hero Vandal  (Image via Riot Games)

  •  Color Variants: Base, Sunset, Dusk, Night         
  • Upgrade Levels: 4         
  • Cost: 1,775 VP

1. Primordium Vandal Skin

The most recent Vandal skin and already one of the most epic ones is Primordium Vandal Skin. This flaming hot and lava-radiating skin is right out of the land of fire and volcanoes. The constant Lava dripping animation of this skin, coupled with the primordial VFX & sound, makes this skin a top-tier one! Moreover, the Augmented finisher of this skin takes players to a world of fireand is in a class of its own.

Valorant Vandal Skin Primordium

Primordium Vandal Skin (Image via Riot Games)

  • Color Variants: Base, Venom, Cobalt, Gold         
  • Upgrade Levels: 4       
  • Cost: 2,175 VP

Honorary Mentions:

Reaver Vandal skin: One of the classic and oldest Vandal skins is the Reaver Valorant Vandal skin. This slightly grim and creepy skin is an all-time favorite skin that players still use to date.

Prime Vandal skin: The Prime Vandal was definitely a craze once upon a time. Even with many great Valorant Vandal skins coming out, Prime Vandal still holds a really considerable place in the hearts of Valorant players.

Now, these were some of the best Valorant Vandal skins. In case you haven’t yet decided on which Vandal skin to put your money on, these selections right here are the best ones. Just wait until one of these appears on your featured store and buy them before the time runs out. The Night Market is also a great deal in case any of these skins appear there, and players can even buy them for a discounted rate!


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