MultiVersus set to return in Unreal Engine 5 in May

Unreal Engine 5 is really the saviour of video games and this time, MultiVersus, the really popular cartoon fighting game is coming back, beefed up with better graphics and a new look!

By Sneh Prasad
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MultiVersus Coming back with Unreal Engine 5

MultiVersus Developers Update, the game's coming back on Unreal Engine 5!

Gaming is becoming more and more popular as the years go on! Games like Fortnite, Helldivers 2, Valorant and a lot more are making and breaking big records in the gaming community. Well, if the community loves it, the game would definitely thrive, wouldn’t it? Moreover, many old games are resurfacing by either getting a new squeal or a remastered edition. And one of the popular fighting games, MultiVersus is coming back, that too on Unreal Engine 5!

Fighting games like the Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat 1 and many others have become really popular. Gamers are hopping on these games quite regularly and are having a blast. However, these fighting games aren’t the only popular ones out there. A few months back, MultiVersus, a cartoonish fighting game with many famous fictional characters made waves in the gaming community. And now, this game is coming back, but this time with much better graphics and on Unreal Engine 5 no less!

MultiVersus is coming back, and this time, it's getting developed on Unreal Engine 5

Last year was a roller coaster ride. From Game of the Year-worthy titles coming out in a huge number to new and indie games totally captivating the gaming community, gamers enjoyed last year a lot. One certain free-to-play fighting game, MultiVersus, became a hit in the gaming community. Imagine Batman fighting Shaggy from Scooby-Doo or Bugs Bunny fighting Superman! Yes, that totally sums up MultiVersus. This game from Warner Bros. became a hit really fast last year.MultiVersus coming on Unreal Engine 5

However, the game went offline and was even delisted by Warner Bros in June 2023. This came as a shock to fans since the game was still in Beta and had over 20 million downloads just on PlayStation in its initial month. Scraping a game like this is too big of a loss to take. Warner Bros. knew the loss they would take if they scrapped this game and this promised the player base that the game would return sometime in 2024. 

Standing on their promise, Warner Bros. has revealed that MultiVersus is coming back on May 28th to shake the gaming community again. Moreover, this time, the game is getting a massive upgrade from the Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5. This upgrade is going to do wonders for MultiVersus, be it better graphics, better character models, new gameplay mechanics and a lot more! Gamers are really happy to see MultiVersus coming back. 

Warner Bros., despite their recent downward trend in the gaming community, is still working diligently on The MultiVersus and gamers are all up for it. This game coming back is going to be a spectacle to look at and, well, gaming streamers can going to get a lot of content for a while.

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