Best Educational Games Sites for Students in 2024

With the revolution in the gaming industry, video games have become a great source of education for students! So, check out the top educational games sites that offer the best learning games for students in 2024.

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Best Educational Games Sites for Students in 2024

Best Educational Games Sites for Students

Video games serve as one of the best forms of multimedia experience that not only help people explore virtual worlds but also learn new things. If you are a teacher or a parent of the modern world, we are pretty sure you would know the significance of educational video games and how they can help kids and teens easily learn complex topics. 

So, in this article, we have curated a list of some of the best websites that offer educational games to help Gen-Z and Alpha students of the world learn new things in a more fun way. Check out the following section right away!

7 Best Educational Games Websites for Students in 2024

We have scoured the online world to find the top websites and platforms that offer some of the best educational games for students to develop their minds and skills. These educational video games can make your kids' leisure time more productive, allowing them to learn something new or revise their existing learnings in a fun and interactive way.

So, if your kid or student is not fond of traditional learning ways, you can check out each of the educational games websites listed here. Check them out right below:

1. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is one of the best websites out there to play free educational games. National Geographic is a legacy platform that has been there since 1988. So, you know that you can rely on its kids-focused website to get the right educational content and games for kids to enjoy and learn simultaneously. 

National Geographic Kids.jpg
National Geographic Kids

Apart from all kinds of educational videos and materials, the National Geographic Kids website contains high-quality educational games that are sure to keep kids engaged and entertained for a long time. There are 3 categories of educational games available on the website - Puzzle, Action, and Funny Fill-In. These games are perfect for elementary and middle-school children which can help them learn all about animals, oceans, space, science, and more.

So, open the Games section on the website and let the kids explore all the games in there to make their leisure hours more productive and fun.


Another great website that contains tons of educational games is This website hosts some of the best free educational games that are bound to keep kids of all ages engaged, entertained, and productive.

There are 800+ educational games available on These are categorized by grade, ranging from games for preschoolers to 8th-graders. You can also browse the games by subjects and topics to pick the right one for your little ones. The games are highly educational and are designed to sharpen the minds of kids and teenagers while keeping them entertained.

So, go to the Educational Games for Kids section on and explore all the games available on the platform.


With over 100 interactive educational games, is another great website for kids and teens on the web. The website features various math and language games that allow kids to develop their mathematics and English literacy while having a good time.

Apart from educational games, there are various other activities and reading materials, including popular children's books, available on Funbrain's website. So, it is one of the best websites for kids who want to delve into the world of mathematics, English, and general knowledge.

So, go to the games section on to start a fun and interactive educational gaming session for your little one and give yourself a break.

4. ABCMouse

ABCMouse is one of the most reputable platforms for educational games and it is trusted by hundreds of teachers and parents. With 100+ interactive games, including puzzles, science games, mathematics exercises, and more, ABCMouse is a one-stop platform for kids aged 2 to 8. Moreover. apart from the website, ABCMouse content can be accessed via their desktop and mobile apps too.


The games offered on ABCMouse not only develop an interest in reading and language for kids but also help them acquire a taste in learning new things. So, it is a great platform for early-aged kids to gain interest in education and learning to further develop their skills.

Now, go to the ABCMouse website and explore all the games and materials for kids.

5. CBC Kids

CBC Kids is a Canada-based platform that offers a variety of high-quality games that aid learning and skill development in kids. Ranging from interactive puzzle games to creative games in the action, adventure, and sports genres, there are numerous educational games to choose from.

CBC Kids.jpg
CBC Kids

Furthermore, the CBC Kids website gives off a really good vibe, especially for children. Featuring bright colors, doodles, and an excellent user interface, we are sure your kid is going to love exploring the CBC Kids website on the web.

So, go to the Games section of the CBC Kids website and let your little one run wild.

6. Adventure Academy

Adventure Academy is a commercialized educational platform for kids aged 8-13 and provides an interactive, multi-user environment, featuring various kinds of educational games and collaborative activities. It is created by the same people who created the much-loved ABCMouse and caters to older kids, specifically US 3rd to 6th-graders. 

Adventure Academy.jpg
Adventure Academy

The educational games features in Adventure Academy are high quality and graphically developed than its competitors. It also has a reward system in place to motivate kids and develop friendly competitiveness in them. Furthermore, apart from being available on a website, Adventure Academy can be accessed on modern mobile devices and tablets as well.

So, check out the Adventure Academy website and explore all the educational games available there.

7. Buzzmath

Mathematics can be complex for some kids and should be added to their educational curriculum from an early age. So, Buzzmath took that responsibility and created a platform for children of all ages to learn and develop their math skills in a fun and interactive way. It is a web platform that purely focuses on math topics and allows kids, from ages 6 to 16, to learn and practice mathematical topics.


Buzzmath offers various kinds of high-quality games that focus on different mathematical topics like Geometry, Measures, Probability, and Statistics. Here, kids can learn and develop their mathematical knowledge in the most fun way possible.

So, go to the math activities page on the official Buzzmath website and explore all the available games and interactive challenges with your kid to improve their (and your) mathematics.

With that, we wrap up our list of the 7 best educational games websites that you should check out in 2024. We hope this list helps you find the perfect educational platform for your kids.

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