Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2: How to find and use Thunderbolt of Zeus?

Unleash Zeus' Wrath in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 by using the Thunderbolt of Zeus to strike down your enemies. Complete the Thunderbolt of Zeus quest to earn an additional 10,000 XP.

By Mokshit Batra
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Zeus in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, Myths and Mortals, has finally made its way to the game. The season's theme revolves around Greek Mythology. Any depiction of Greek Mythology would be incomplete without including the God of the Sky, Zeus. Alongside finding the godly figure in the game, you can also use his weapon, the Thunderbolt of Zeus to unleash havoc upon your enemies. 

The Thunderbolt of Zeus weapon is a mythic weapon players can find in Chapter 5 Season 2. Unfortunately, the weapon possesses only three charges. There is no additional ammo for the weapon. There is also no way to recharge the Thunderbolt of Zeus. Hence, once the weapon runs out of charge, you must find a new one altogether. 

The new season has also added several mythical elements to the game. New legendary points of interest on the map, a new cosmetic battle pass, and several new quests have all been added to the game. One such quest requires players to use the Thunderbolt of Zeus to deal damage to their opponents. Dealing a total of 200 damage using the weapon will complete the quest and award you with 10,000 XP.

Fight the Zeus NPC in Fortnite to get the Thunderbolt of Zeus

The Thunderbolt of Zeus can be found in the new Olympus Chests. These chests are generally located around the new locations, such as Mount Olympus and Brawler's Battleground. However, finding the weapon in chests is highly unreliable. Hence, a more consistent method to obtain the Thunderbolt of Zeus is to locate and kill the Zeus NPC. After you take him out, the NPC will drop this weapon. 

Use Thunderbolt of Zeus Fortnite
Thunderbolt of Zeus (Image via Epic Games)


Zeus can be found on Mount Olympus on the Fortnite map. Travel to Mount Olympus on the southeast corner using your map. Zeus sits atop an altar inside the grand monument on Mount Olympus. Upon killing him, Zeus will drop the Thunderbolt of Zeus and a mythical Huntress DMR. 

To use the Thunderbolt of Zeus, you must first equip it in your inventory and aim and fire as you would with any other weapon. While aiming, the weapon will launch you into the air, and you will continue to levitate as long as you aim with the weapon. Be careful while doing this as levitating can make you an easy target for your opponents. 

The weapon is fairly tricky to use. There is a roughly two-second gap between you pressing the fire button and the thunderbolts being launched. The Thunderbolt of Zeus will first shoot two smaller thunderbolts dealing 40 damage each. After charging up, the weapon will unleash a larger thunderbolt, dealing 80 damage to any opponent. 

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