How to make Minecraft in Infinite Craft?

Create some of the most popular sandbox video games of all time, including Terraria, Starbound and the most-sold game of all time, Minecraft in Infinite Craft.

By Mokshit Batra
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Minecraft in Infinite Craft

Minecraft in Infinite Craft (Image via Mojang Studios)

Infinite Craft allows for an endless world where you can create nearly every item you can imagine. You can also make some of the most popular video games, like Minecraft in Infinite Craft. Further, you can use the "Minecraft" element, which allows you to make several popular sandbox games, such as Terraria.

The crafting recipe for Minecraft in Infinite Craft requires combining the two elements of "Planet" and "Sandbox." If you already have these elements in your sidebar from previous sessions, you can combine those two and get this hit video game by Mojang Studios.

In case you do not have those elements already created inside Infinite Craft, this guide will outline the whole process of how you can start from the four basic elements (fire, water, earth, wind) and build your way up to both of those elements to create Minecraft in Infinite Craft. 

Create the most-selling video game of all time, Minecraft in Infinite Craft

Creating the "Planet" element is fairly simple. Start off by combining Earth and Wind to create "dust". Every time you create a new element, it appears on your sidebar. 

You can now grab another "Dust" element from the sidebar and combine it with the one you created. This will result in the creation of "sand." Simply add Earth to sand, and you will create the "Planet" element. 

Minecraft Infinite Craft recipe 


Leave the planet element as is and start creating the Sandbox element on a new part of the canvas. The first thing you must to do create the sandbox is to combine water and fire to create steam. Add another element of fire to create the "Engine." Now, drag another sand element from the sidebar that you created earlier and mix it with the engine.

You have now created the "Sandbox". This is the final part of the recipe required to create Minecraft in Infinite Craft. Combine the Planet element that you created earlier with Sandbox to finally create Minecraft in Infinite Craft. 

However, Minecraft is not the only sandbox game that Infinite Craft allows you to make. You can go further and create some more popular hits in the sandbox genre of video games. Drag the sandbox element from the sidebar once again. Add this to your newly created Minecraft element to make Terraria, an action-adventure sandbox game. 

Similarly, you can recreate another game made by the developers of Terraria. Combine both of the games that you have just created in order to form Starbound, another action-adventure created by Re-logic. 

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