How to play Fortnite on NVIDIA GeForce Now?

You can now enjoy Fortnite on NVIDIA GeForce Now. Play the popular battle royale through cloud gaming on any device without having to download any files.

By Mokshit Batra
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Fortnite on NVIDIA GeForce Now

Fortnite on NVIDIA GeForce Now (Image via Epic Games and NVIDIA)

Fortnite, one of the biggest phenomena in video games and pop culture, is available on nearly every device out there. However, players are now wondering whether they can enjoy Fortnite on the NVIDIA GeForce Now. 

The gaming world is slowly shifting away from hardware and consoles and moving towards cloud gaming. For example, players can now enjoy Roblox on on any device without downloading a single file.

In 2020, the tech giant Nvidia launched GeForce Now, a cloud gaming service, to the public. The brand has partnered up with several publishers for an impressive catalogue of video games. 

You can enjoy hit titles such as League of Legends, Rocket League and Apex Legends via cloud gaming. Finally, players can now also experience Fortnite on NVIDIA GeForce Now.  

Enjoy Fortnite on NVIDIA GeForce Now through Cloud Gaming

The first step you need to take before you can play Fortnite on NVIDIA GeForce Now is to become a member of their platform. NVIDIA offers various tiers of memberships, including a free one, for GeForce Now. The memberships differentiate on price, length of gameplay sessions, graphics, performance, and priority access to servers. 

Fortnite NVIDIA GeForce Now (Image via Epic Games and NVIDIA)


After getting a suitable membership and creating an NVIDIA account, you will be eligible to play Fortnite on NVIDIA GeForce Now. Next, you need to download the NVIDIA GeForce Now App on your device. Listed below are all the devices supported for NVIDIA GeForce Now - 

  • Windows PC
  • Mac OS
  • Android TV
  • Android
  • iOS Safari (for iPhone and iPad)
  • Edge
  • Smart TVs
  • Chrome browser (PC, Chromebook, Mac)

You may have to use a VPN to access the service in case GeForce Now is not supported in your country. Upon launching the app, you will be prompted to explore the games library. Either browse for Fortnite or search for it on the app. Visit the game profile and you will see a "Play" option inside a green button. 

Click on the 'Play" option and wait for a while. After connecting to the NVIDIA servers, you will be able to enjoy Fortnite on NVIDIA GeForce Now. You can also retain your Fortnite progress from your earlier platform

NVIDIA GeForce Now also allows you to link your NVIDIA account to other gaming libraries, such as Ubisoft and Epic Games. Connect your NVIDIA account to your Epic Games account. The next time that you launch the game, you will see your previous progress while playing Fortnite on NVIDIA GeForce Now. 

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