How to download and play Fortnite on Nintendo Switch?

Fortnite has been ruling the battle royale genre for more than half a decade and has expanded its availability on different platforms and thus players can enjoy the game on Nintendo Switch too.

By Raunak Bose
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Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

Fortnite, the electrifying Battle Royal has been creating frenzy across all platforms since 2017 as it continues to captivate gamers of all ages. The game is also available on Nintendo Switch and with its easy portability, it is possible to play Fortnite anywhere. 

Nintendo Switch's versatile option to play on TV or the tablet with its makeshift console has made it more exciting for gamers to enjoy the best of both worlds. Downloading Fortnite on your Nintendo Switch is quite easy, let's dive right in. 

Downloading Fortnite from Nintendo eShop

Nintendo eShop

  1. Open your Nintendo Switch and click on the home button to access the home page.
  2. Navigate to the Nintendo eShop and select it. Select the user you wish to use to enter the eShop but you need to be sure that the User is linked with a Nintendo account. 
  3. The Nintendo eShop will open up and you will need to go to the Search option to look for Fortnite by typing the name. Fortnite will appear on your screen. Click on it and you will see that the game is completely free to download. 
  4. Click on "Free Download" and it will take you to the checkout page but since the game is free you don't need to worry about paying anything. Click on "Free Download" again on the checkout page and you are all set and good to go. 
  5. You will be taken back to the home page where you can see Fortnite has appeared and by clicking on it you see how much time will it take to complete the download. The faster your internet speed, the faster you will be able to enjoy the game. 

Explore various modes and features of Fortnite as you Solo battle or enter with your Squad. Choose your weapons wisely, execute your strategies by mastering the art of building and be the last man standing to grab that precious VICTORY ROYALE. 

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