Valorant Masters Madrid 2024: The pacific rookies Gen.G takes down LOUD in a David VS Goliath match up

With the Valorant Masters Madrid started, teams are duking it out against each other and Gen.G, the Pacific seed team has defeated LOUD, one of Americas League's strongest teams in their first every Masters level stage!

By Sneh Prasad
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Gen.G defeats LOUD at the Valorant Masters Madrid

Gen.G defeats LOUD at the Valorant Masters Madrid (Image via TechFirstNow; credits VCT 2024)

Valorant’s dominance in the competitive gaming community really shows the fame it has received and keeps receiving! The game has thrived due to its great mechanics and gameplay features, which players all around just love. 

Moreover, the eSports scene of Valorant has also been on a high for  2 years now, and the VCT 2024 season is already underway. And Valorant Masters Madrid has started with Gen.G’s debut match defeating the Brazilian powerhouse LOUD.

The VCT has really become one of the biggest & most anticipated eSports events. The players' sentiments are in its favor and fans love watching Pro teams duke it out against each other. Furthermore, the VCT 2024 season kicked off with an explosive opening and fans everywhere are watching the great matches unfold

. Furthermore, the Swiss Stage of Valorant Masters Madrid has started and teams are already giving fans a joy ride!

Gen.G defeats LOUD at their first Valorant Masters Madrid match

The second match of the Swiss stage was played between Gen.G & LOUD. Gen.G has shocked everyone this year being the team that came as the winning seed from the Pacific Region. This team defeated the VCT 2023 runner-up Paper Rex, with a score of 3-1.

This was a huge upset for PRX and Gen.G became the dark horse of this tournament. Right after their spectacular performance against Paper Rex, Gen.G hasn’t disappointed fans in their match against LOUD.


Valorant Masters Madrird Gen.G vs LOUD
Gen.G and LOUD (Image via Valorant Champions Tour)

The Dark Horse of this season has pulled one over the Brazilian powerhouse with a score of 2-1! This is a huge victory for Gen.G as it gives them one win on the Swiss Stage. They are now just one more win short of going straight to the Valorant Masters Madrid Playoffs.

 Their first match of the Masters against LOUD was definitely a fierce one and forerunners from Gen.G’s team like Karon & t3xture totally demolished LOUD. The tiebreaker match on Ascent was really one-sided and Gen.G defeated LOUD with a score of 13-5.

Such matches and surprising performances are becoming really common in the VCT. Almost every other team is surprising fans over and over, be it with top-notch performance or their huge debacle! The Masters Madrid has just started and there are still many matches left on the Swiss Stage, which fans are eagerly waiting for to see how they play out.

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