Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2: Where to find Wings of Icarus

Unleash the power of the Wings of Icarus to fly across the Fortnite map with ease. The Wings of Icarus also allow you to divebomb onto your enemies and take them out.

By Mokshit Batra
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Wings of Icarus in Fortnite

Wings of Icarus in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, revolving around the theme of Greek Mythology, has changed the game in a significant way. The new season, dubbed 'Myths and Mortals', has not only introduced new and interesting locations on the map such as Mount Olympus but has also significantly changed the game's combat with new weapons like the Thunderbolt of Zeus and Wings of Icarus. 

The Wings of Icarus is quite a unique and very strong addition to the game. They can not only be used as a tool to travel the Fortnite map but also as a weapon, allowing you to easily secure victory royales in Chapter 5, Season 2. However, players have had a lot of trouble finding this item as there is no fixed way to obtain it. Getting the Wings of Icarus is a highly random process. Additionally, they are not indicated on the map in any way.

Take Flight using the Wings of Icarus in Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 2

The Wings of Icarus are an item of Epic rarity. Unlike other new weapons in the game, they cannot be obtained by simply taking out an Olympian Boss. Instead, they are found as random loot. You will have to search Olympus chests and Underworld chests for this item. These special chests are generally found around the new POIs added to the Fortnite map. 

Wings of Icarus (Image via Epic Games)


Another great way of finding the Wings of Icarus is by looting it from other players. You will see visuals and hear sound effects when another player is flying around using the item. You can use the cues to hunt down the player and steal his wings from him.

Similar to the new Thunderbolt of Zeus, the Wings of Icarus have a fixed charge. Once this charge of 300 runs out, the item will disappear. There is no way for you to find additional ammo for them. There is also a short cooldown period between each successive flight. Note that if another player shoots you while in flight, you will fall to your death. 

Once acquired, equip the Wings of Icarus in your inventory. Now, press the fire button to launch yourself into the air. You can now quickly glide through the Fortnite skies. Additionally, the wings also allow you to boost and dodge sideways. Lastly, you can perform a divebomb that will damage the players you land on. 

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