How to Craft and Use Mace in Minecraft?

Learn to craft and use the Mace in Minecraft! The newest weapon soon coming to the game has the potential to take out the Ender Dragon or even the Warden in only one shot.

By Mokshit Batra
New Update
Mace in Minecraft

The new Mace in Minecraft (Image via Mojang Studios)

Mojang Studios has released the new Minecraft Preview and Snapshot, allowing players to test various experimental features. These features can be tested out on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox or even the Mobile Version of the game. 

The snapshot comprises several new features, such as pottery shreds, armour trims, and breeze-themed banner designs. However, the feature that players are most excited about is the Mace in Minecraft.

The Mace in Minecraft is a new weapon introduced as an experimental feature that Mojang plans to fully introduce to the game in the next major update. This is quite a big deal, as the Mace is the first new major weapon being added to the game since the introduction of the Crossbow in April 2019.

The Mace in Minecraft is crafted using only two items. You will first require a Breeze Rod. The Breeze Rod is an item that can be obtained by killing the new mob in Minecraft, called the Breeze.

Secondly, you need a heavy core. The Heavy Core is the rarest item from the vault, only having a 2.2% chance of appearing. 

Use the Mace in Minecraft to take out bosses in one shot

The Mace in Minecraft has the same base stats as the Diamond Sword, dealing 7 attack damage with a 1.6 attack speed. However, it gets much crazier from here. Minecraft has a critical hit feature that allows you to deal additional damage if you hit an enemy while falling down. 

The Mace can one-shot the Warden in Minecraft (Image via Mojang Studios)


The Mace in Minecraft takes that to the next level. The additional damage you gain from a critical hit on a normal weapon is fixed. The further you fall before hitting a target, the more damage it does. There is no limit to how this damage can go. 

With enough falling, you can take out virtually any entity in the game. Another player with no armour can be taken out simply by jumping from a two-block height. Even if they are wearing full diamond armour, six blocks are sufficient. 

Even if you come across a player with the strongest armour in the game, that is, Netherite armour with Protection IV enchantments, they can be taken out with a jump from twelve blocks high. 

The Mace in Minecraft can even be used to one-shot Elder Guardians, the Wither and even the Ender Dragon. Falling from more than 137 blocks will even take out the warden, possessing more than 250 hearts (500 HP).

You need not worry about fall damage, as landing a successful hit before falling cancels out the fall damage. However, if you miss something, be prepared to suffer a lot of damage or even die. 

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