How to get Honey in Palworld?

You can easily capture Fusion Pals by baking cakes using Honey in Palworld. Learn how to find this resource and create a Honey farm in Palworld.

By Mokshit Batra
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Honey in Palworld

Honey in Palworld (Image via Pocket Pair)

Honey in Palworld is a highly essential resource. While this food-based material has only one use, it can still come in very handy to you. The resource can be used to craft cakes, which are used to keep your hunger satiated. Apart from feeding yourself, cakes can come in highly handy when trying to get Fusion Pals in Palworld. 

Honey cannot be bought directly from any wandering merchant in the game. The only way to get the precious resource is by either capturing or defeating one of four Pals: Beegarde, Elizabee, Warsect, and Cinnamoth.

It is highly recommended that you go after Cinnamoth on your journey to acquire Honey in Palworld. It is a relatively lower level Pal, and thus, the easiest to take out and can be found on Moonless shore. 

Beegarde and Elizabees are Pals that are both higher than level 20 and can thus be highly challenging to take out. Beegardes are highly likely to self-explode and kill you. Elizabees themselves are always accompanied by a Beedgarde or two. However, if you wish to create a farm for Honey in Palworld, you will have to capture a Beegarde to make it happen.

Easily Farm Honey in Palworld

You will be required to place the Beegarde in a ranch. Beegarde has a partner skill by the name of the Worker Bee. This makes the Pal regularly produce honey on the ranch. Firstly, to build a ranch, you require 50 wood, 20 stone, and 30 fibre.

Beegardes (Image via Pocket Pair)


Now, go hunting for Beegardes at the Verdant Brook or the Mossanda Forest. Catching these pals is quite tough as they often self-destruct and explode during combat. A fire-type pal will be of great help to you during your fight in addition to some Giga Spheres.

Alternatively, you can also take advantage of the breeding mechanic in Palworld. You can breed a Beegarde if you are having trouble catching one or are too low of a level to take one on in combat. 

After catching a few of these pals, you can put them to work on your ranch to farm honey in Palworld. The process is quite slow, so make sure to put as many of these Pals to work as you can. 

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