How to breed anubis in palworld?

Breeding is really fun in Palworld but only if you know what you're doing, so here's a guide on how to Breed Anubis with the best parent combination and a few brownie pointers to top off your breeding experience in Palworld!

By Sneh Prasad
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Breeding Farm & Anubis from Palworld

Breeding Farm & Anubis from Palworld (Image Via TechFirstNow; credits Pocket Pair, inc.)

Anubis in Palworld is a ground element Pal which can come in very handy early in the game. It is visibly inspired by the Greek god, Anubis, who looks like a jackal. It has tonnes of utilities that players can use and progress early.

Anubis packs a heavy punch during the fights and is among the strongest of all. However, it shines as the work-horse for your base. Anubis is a superb mining pal and can help you mining easily which is an important activity in Palworld. Thus capturing or breeding Anubis in Palworld is very helpful. So here's how you can breed Anubis.

Breeding Anubis in Palworld

Anubis is a Field boss in Palworld that comes with an Alpha Tag upon successful capture. This Alpha Tag only comes with Field/Dungeon bosses. So players should make note of it that breeding an Anubis wouldn’t give the Pal an Alpha Tag. Now, let’s move on to which are the best-suited pals to successfully breed an Anubis, that too with a decent level on them.

Anubis in Palworld
Anubis in Palworld (credits Pocket Pair, inc.)

Two Pals: Penking & Bushi, are the best Pal combination to Breed Anubis. Now, these two pals can be tricky to find as they spawn on different Sanctuary Islands. However, players can get them really early on too, as they are Bosses that players can defeat not too far off from the starting region. Penking (Boss) can be found at coordinates: 114, -352 and Bushi (Boss) can be found at coordinates: -117, -491.

Players need to make sure both these Pals are of opposite genders to successfully breed them. This will get players an Anubis. Anubis is a really great Pal, that’s not only great at fighting but also is a really great Base worker with Level 4 Handiwork, Level 3 Mining and Level 2 Transporting. This makes Anubis one of the best Pals in Palworld! However, there are also some different combinations available:

  • Incineram + Elphidran
  • Rushoar + Blazamut
  • Digtoise + Mammorest 

Now, there are many more combinations however, their accuracy isn't all that great. Also for the best optimal outcome, it's recommended that players breed multiple Anubis, as there's a feature in Palworld called Passive that every pal has and it alters their working or stats as per the game mechanic. So to make sure your Anubis is the best, breed and use one that has many great Passives.

Essentials for Breeding in Palworld

Firstly, before getting down to breeding a Pal in Palworld, players need to make sure that they have certain things crosschecked. Now building a Breeding Farm is obviously the most important thing in Palworld, however, that’s not all there is to breeding in the game. Players need to do a lot more than just get a breeding Farm.

Breeding Farm in Palworld
Breeding Farm in Palworld (credits Pocket Pair, inc.)


For an automated Breeding farm in Palworld, players need to have all the plantations required to make the dish “Cake”. The Cake requires Milk, Flour, Honey, Eggs & Red Berries to cook. Cake gives Pals a staggering 82 Sanity and is the best dish to put in the box at the Breeding Farm. 

Apart from that, having the right game settings for incubating Eggs and hatching them is also important. Change the settings according to yourself for "Incubation time". Now, keep your cakes ready, and breed Anubis in Palworld. 

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