How to get Pal Fluid in Palworld?

Palworld is becoming really popular and players are having real fun in the game crafting and building bases and one of an important ingredient in all that is the Pal Fluid.

By Sneh Prasad
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Water Type Pals and Pal Fluid in Palworld

Water Type Pals and Pal Fluid in Palworld (Image via TechFirstNow; credits: Pocket Pair, inc.)

Indie games have become really popular lately as the gaming community is showing more love to small-time developers. A recent indie game, Palworld has taken over the gaming community by storm. Palworld has become one of the highest-rated games on Steam despite still being in Early Access, which just shows how great the game is. 

Moreover, there are loads of things you can do in Palworld, and number one is definitely Base building. Base building and crafting equipment are the cornerstones of Palworld if we eliminate all the chaos and fighting with Pals.

Building & crafting requires materials that players can find in the massive open world. However, Pal fluid in Palworld, an important item, can sometimes be a hassle to get!

What are the uses of Pal Fluid in Palworld and where to find it?

This rare fluid is really useful in Palworld as there are many things that use the Pal fluid as an important crafting material! Pocket Pair, the Devs behind the game has really put in some thought and work into their product.

Pal Fluid is often used for creating Cement, which is important as you move forward from Early game stages to mid-game stages. However, if you think that’s all there is to this ingredient, then you’re wrong. 

Pal Fluid is really important for all the game stages. This material is used in crafting saddles for a few mountable pals in Palworld. It’s also used in building plantations (berry, wheat, tomato, lettuce, etc.) and hot springs from Pals to improve their sanity. So all in all, the Pal Fluid is really important in Palworld! So, where to find this magical item?

Pal Fluid in Palworld
Pal Fluid in Palworld (credits: Pocket Pair, inc.)

Well, there’s no way to farm or craft this item in the game. Pal Fluid in Palworld is only obtainable either through killing or if you’re more into a pacifist gameplay, catching Water Type pals. Here’s a list of a few Pals that drop Pal Fluid when either killed or caught:

  • Pengullet
  • Gobfin
  • Surfent
  • Fauck
Pengullet in Palworld
Pengullet in Palworld (credits: Pocket Pair, inc.)

These are some popular Pals that players can find almost everywhere on the map (Obviously eliminating the Volcanic region) and are low-level so players shouldn’t have much issue catching or killing them. These Pals, when caught, can be really great base operators, since some of them not only have Level 2 Watering but can also do Handiwork. 

So, players looking for Pal Fluid in Palworld should be cautious of its usage. Pal Fluid can be hard to get hold of in a Large quantity if your “Pal Appearance Rate” in the Custom Difficulty settings are set at a standard rate. This crafting material can be really useful, so make sure not to waste it so often.

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