Where to find Minecraft Smithing Templates?

Craft Netherite Armour using the newly added Minecraft Smithing Templates. Smithing Templates can also be used to colour any armour with ten different colours.

By Mokshit Batra
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Minecraft Smithing Templates

Minecraft Smithing Templates (Image via Mojang Studios)

The new Minecraft snapshot has introduced a plethora of features that have players jumping out of their seats for the 1.21 update. Players have gotten an early look at the new weapon called The Mace, the copper bulb and Minecraft Smithing Templates. 

In addition to that, Mojang Studios has added 17 Minecraft Smithing Templates to the game. The most valuable out of these seventeen is the Netherite upgrade smithing template. 

To obtain Netherite gear in the latest update, you will have to combine one Netherite upgrade smithing template, your piece of armour and a Netherite Ingot. Note that after creating the new piece of armour, all enchantments, durability and anvil use penalties are retained from the previous diamond tool or armour. 

The other 16 Minecraft Smithing Templates will be used to customise your armour with various colours. You can customise any type of armour other than leather armour. 

Find Minecraft Smithing Templates to create Netherite Gear and colour your Armour

Minecraft Smithing Templates cannot be crafted from scratch. However, if you already have one Smithing Template, you can duplicate it as many times as you want using a crafting template and several other items. 

Smithing Templates can be found from chest loot in naturally spawning structures, killing Elder Guardians or excavating suspicious gravel. Given below is a list of which naturally spawning structure you should look out for depending on the type of Minecraft Smithing Template you want -

  • Coast Armour Trim - Shipwrecks
  • Wild Armour Trim - Jungle Temple
  • Dune Armour Trim - Desert Pyramid
  • Vex armour Trim - Woodland Mansion
  • Sentry armour Trim - Pillager Outpost
  • Tide Armour Trim - Ocean Monument
  • Silence armour Trim, Ward armour Trim - Ancient City
  • Eye armour Trim - Stronghold
  • Rib armour Trim - Nether Fortress
  • Netherite Upgrade, Snout armour Trim - Bastion Remnant
  • Spire Armour Trim - End City
Netherite Armour with Smithing Template (Image via Mojang Studios)


Once you obtain one of these Minecraft Smithing Templates, head over to the crafting table. Look for the recipe for that particular template and what items you require to duplicate it. Always ensure that you keep at least one of these Smithing Templates. Otherwise, you will have to look for them again. 

To use Minecraft Smtihing Templates, you will require a smithing table whose interface has now been changed. It now has three slots: one for the smithing template, one for a piece of armour, tools or weapons and the last slot for the crystal. 

An armour stand is also displayed on the interface, giving you a preview of what the coloured piece of armour will look like. The new colour of the armour will depend on which crystal you use. There are ten different crystals you can use, including gold, emeralds, diamonds and even quartz and Redstone. 

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