How to farm Electric Organs in Palworld?

Learn how to effectively farm Electric-type pals like Jolthogs to obtain Electric Organs in Palworld. These resources can be used to create many useful items like Power Generators, electric pylons and decoration items.

By Mokshit Batra
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Electric Organs in Palworld

Electric Organs in Palworld (Image via Pocket Pair)

Electric Organs in Palworld are highly important resources that will be useful to you during the mid-game. These can be used to create items crucial to your journey, such as power generators and weapons. Alternatively, you can also use them to create decorative items like lamps and chandeliers. 

They are obtained from electric-type pals. When defeated or captured, electric-type pals have a chance of dropping electric organs. Additionally, you can also use a meat clever to harvest this resource from pals you have captured already. 

However, this process can be quite slow and laborious. Thus, the most efficient way to get Electric Organs in Palworld is by following a farming process. 

Farm Electric Organs in Palworld to Create Power Generators

The difference between the number of electric organs you obtain from killing higher-level pals and lower-level pals is not too significant. Thus, it is ideal to target lower-level pals like Jolthogs and Sparkits. 

Jolthogs in Palworld (Image via Pocket Pair)

Players can start their farming process in the Windswept hills located to the left of the game's starting point or the Bridge of the Twin Knights, both notorious for spawning Jolthogs. Ideally, players should visit this area during nighttime as Jolthogs glow in the dark.

Thus, they can easily spot them around the map and take them down. Now, hop on to a mobile pal like the Nitewing to wander around the area quicker. You should easily be able to take out any Jolthogs you see without much effort.  

Electric-type pals are weak to ground types. Thus, you can bring pals like Gumoss, Fuddler or Anubis pals to make the process of killing Jolthogs much easier. After you have killed all the Jolthogs in an area or do not see any, fast-travel to the Desolate Church location. Here, you will find Sparkits that you can also kill for Electric Organs in Palworld. 

Once you're done, head back to the original location. More Jolthogs would have spawned there and you can hunt them down again. Follow this process and keep alternating between the two locations. 

Additionally, players can also buy Electric Organs in Palworld for the cost of 200 gold. If you have a lot of spare gold lying around or are just in need of a few more organs, this is the ideal way of obtaining this resource. 

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