Clove Valorant: Agent class, abilities, how to unlock and more

25th Valorant agent, Clove has finally arrived. Clove is a controller agent who has the ability to take over areas, smoke and even come back to life.

By Mokshit Batra
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Clove Valorant

Clove Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant's 25th Agent, named Clove, is on her way to the game. Clove is a controller-type agent and is the sixth agent of her class to be added to the game. Clove is a Scottish agent who is referred to as "the young immortal" owing to her abilities that allow her to come back to life. 

To unlock Clove, players have to take part in the Agent Recruitment Event. This event will require you to complete all daily challenges and acquire 200,000 XP. Alternatively, players will be able to unlock the new agent by spending 1,000 VP in the agent tab in the store. 

While Riot Games mostly launches new agents at the start of an episode, fans have not seen an addition to the roster since Iso joined the fray. Coinciding with the Valorant Masters Madrid tournament, Riot Games revealed it in the show match before the grand finals.

Clove Valorant abilites

Being a controller agent, Clove's abilities will help you block your enemies' vision, control important spots on the map and assist your team in picking up the victory. 

Clove in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)


Given below is a breakdown of all her abilities - 

Pick me up (c) - "Pick me up" is a healing ability that only costs 100 credits. After you get a frag, you can activate the ability for 100 overheal. This mechanic is intended to encourage controller players to take on more solo fights than before. 

Meddle (Q) - This ability is a decay orb that will explode 1.2 seconds after it is thrown. The explosion shoots out shards, dealing 90 decay damage to enemies and giving the decay effect to any survivors. 

The ability costs 250 credits. This is generally more expensive than other decay abilities in the game. For example, Iso's undercut only costs 200 credits. 

Ruse (E) - This is Clove's ability that allows her to throw smoke grenades. They work very similarly to Omen smoke. They are placed through a screen like Brimstone's iPad. The second smoke costs 150 credits, the same as Omen's smoke. 

The best part about this ability is that you can smoke for your team while you are dead and out of the round. Hence, even if you are killed in an early gunfight, you can still help your team out. 

Not Dead Yet (X) - Clove's ultimate allows her to self-revive. You can revive yourself after you die, and spawn in a new location in under two seconds. Hence, you need not revive in the middle of the same gunfight where you died previously and immediately die again. 

However, players must immediately get back into action as soon as they respawn. If one is unsuccessful in racking up a kill or an assist within twelve seconds of coming back to life, they will die once again. 

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