Top 5 tips to improve building skills in Fortnite

Improve your building skills in Fortnite to gain a competitive advantage in gunfights. Win more fights consistently and get more vcitroy royales.

By Mokshit Batra
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Building Skills in Fortnite

Building in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite raises the skill ceiling for players as they not only have to be great at shooting but also have impeccable building skills in Fortnite. Your building skills in Fortnite dictate how well you are able to take the high ground, build cover for yourself, and build strategic fortresses to aid you in battle. 

Thus, this article goes over five tips to help you improve your building skills in Fortnite. These will help you to outdo your enemy in a build duel battle and get the sweet Victory Royale. 

Improve your building skills in Fortnite with these five tips

5. Change Controller Settings to Builder Pro

The Builder Pro settings in Fortnite allow your building process to become much more fluid. Rather than having to cycle through various building structures with the shoulder buttons, each different structure is assigned its own button. 

Fortnite Builder Pro settings (Image via Epic Games)


Once comfortable with these new settings, you will find that these settings will save you a lot of time during your gunfights. This will allow you to quickly get in and out of building mode as needed and highly boost your building skills in Fortnite. 


4. Learn Triple Edits

Triple edits are a more advanced building technique in Fortnite. While building is mostly done from a defensive point of view, triple edits will allow you to use your building skills in Fortnite for offence.

Fortnite Triple Edits (Image via Epic Games)


Triple edits allow you to catch up to enemies on higher ground without exposing yourself. Rapidly build a floor and cone, then edit openings in both before throwing up a wall that you can edit through in a flash.

3. The Basic Ramp

The basic ramp, although not very fancy, is still one of the most useful structures in Fortnite. It gives you good cover, a slight cover, and a slight height advantage.

Fortnite Ramps (Image via Epic Games)


You should learn how to instantly place a basic ramp at a moment's notice. Further, you can branch out to more complicated builds from the ramp.  

2. The 90s

Building "90s" is an essential skill that you must learn to level up your building skills in Fortnite. The 90 is a type of build that involves placing down four walls around you, a floor and a ramp.

90 Degree Build (Image via Epic Games)


The 90 Degreeb builds provides you with instant cover and is a build you must know by heart. 

1. Take advantage of high ground

High ground is crucial in almost every shooting game. Not only does it allow you to get easier headshots, it gives you better angles to shoot from, and it protects you at the same time. 

Fortnite Builds (Image via Epic Games)

Protect your structures with ramps and stairs to make them hard for other players to access. Additionally, create strategic openings within your structure to give you better shooting angles that do not compromise your safety. 


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