How to find and use Chains Of Hades in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2?

Use the Chains of Hades in Fortnite and harness the power of the King of the Underworld. This exciting weapon allows you to pull your enemies closer to you and obliterate them.

By Mokshit Batra
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Chain of Hades in Fortnite

Hades and Chain of Hades in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, themed around Greek Mythology, has introduced new weapons to the game that players cannot wait to get their hands on. The Thunderbolt of Zeus, the Wings of Icarus, and the Huntress DMR have all changed combat in the game. Similarly, the Chain of Hades in Fortnite has been a highly sought-after weapon since the new update. 

The Chains of Hades in Fortnite is not only fun to use but can be used in many different scenarios. Not only can you attack players with it directly, but you can also use the weapon to pull others closer to you. 

You can attack with the weapon thrice repeatedly to perform a combo and build up damage with each swing. Additionally, you can throw the weapon at enemies and pull them closer towards you to hit them at melee range. 

Defeat Hades to get the Chain of Hades in Fortnite

You must first trigger the Hades Olympian Boss fight at his altar in order to obtain this weapon. Firstly, you will be required to head to one of the new POIs on the Fortnite map: The Underworld. 

You will see a Hades statue on an altar. The altars have a bright golden glow. Thus, you should have no trouble spotting them. Interact with this altar to drop the statues and trigger the fight. 

Hades Altar in the Underworld (Image via Epic Games)


The boss fight starts with several waves of Hades' minions. Once you take them out, you will have to defeat the King of the Underworld with your teammates. Hades has appreciable HP so it can some time to take down Hades and his minions. After shooting him down, he will drop The Chain of Hades and other drops.  

Using the Chain of Hades in Fortnite is fairly simple. Pressing your attack button as usual will perform a standard melee attack. As mentioned before, you can perform up to three consecutive attacks to ramp up damage. 

The first two melee attacks from the weapon deal 40 damage each, with the final one dealing 70 damage. You can deal 150 damage to any enemy player if you catch them with all three attacks. The melee range also increases progressively with each attack. 

Holding down the aim button will cause your character to start swinging the Chain of Hades in his hand. When you press the fire button, it will shoot out the chain like a grapple. You can use the grapple to grab players up to 16 metres away. Players hit with the chain will be launched towards you, making it easy to take them down with your melee attacks. 

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