Sentinels defeats Gen.G in a steller grand finals to become the Valorant Masters Madrid champions

Sentinels lift their 2nd Valorant Masters trophy after defeating Gen.G in a hard-hitting banger grand finals courtesy of Zekken, TenZ, Johnqt, Sacy and the little bro Zellsis.

By Mukul Dutt
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Sentinels (Image via Sentinels)

The exciting and adrenaline-inducing Valorant Masters Madrid has finally come to an end. In an almost 5 hours long hard-hitting match-up, Sentinels outshined VCT Pacific's #1 seed Gen.G to win the beautiful Valorant Masters Madrid trophy. Every member of Sentinels, Zekken, Zellsis, TenZ, Sacy and Johnqt, stepped up and gave their heart out to bag the title.

Gen.G gave Sentinels a very tough fight and the series remained neck-to-neck until the last map Icebox, where Sentinels just blew Gen.G out of the water and won the series by 3-2 score. Both teams put an 'Absolute Cinema' of a series and made fans stay at the edges of their seats all the time.

There were numerous round-changing clutches and moments from both sides taking action back and forth. But at last, Sentinels clinched the victory to finish their international trophy dry spell. The match also broke the viewership record with 1,665,193 peak viewership.

Sentinels lifts the Valorant Masters Madrid Trophy courtesy of prodigal son Zekken

The credit always goes where it is due and Zekken was the true MVP for the Sentinel's miracle run in the Valorant Masters Madrid. After TenZ was moved to more of a controller role, Zekken superbly played the role of the cracked duelist. Whether it's Jett or Raze, Zekken never felt out of place.

Zekken hugging IGL Johnqt after winning Valorant Masters Madrid
Zekken hugging IGL Johnqt after winning Valorant Masters Madrid (Image via Valorant Esports)

He managed to get a whopping 101 frags in the grand finals with 263 ACS and 27 first-bloods. Zekken just put on a show and it won't be an overstatement to say that he is the reason that Sentinels won the championship.

After Zekken, it was Sentinels' nay Valorant's poster boy TenZ who helped them to outperform Gen.G. TenZ had the second-highest kills(83) and first-bloods(12) after Zekken. In addition to these two, it was Zellsis who raised the hell for Gen.G on the last map to deny them title win.

The new IGL, Johnqt did a commendable job in his first international event and brought the trophy home. The way he executed retakes and contact plays, was a true masterclass.

Sentinels had very rough 2022 and 2023 seasons and they managed to appear in just 2 international tournaments. But they made the right call to sign the former M80 IGl Johnqt early to start practising with the roster early.

Hard luck for Gen.G after the incredible performance

Gen.G had a very rough 2023 season, however, they made a complete turn-around by making some roster changes. Gen.G had a convincing performance throughout Valorant Masters Madrid and lost only one series, i.e. the grand finals. They defeated Paper Rex, EDward Gaming, and LOUD. They also defeated Sentinels in the upper bracket final which cemented them as the favourite to win the series.

Gen.G (Image via Valorant Esports)

T3xture, Munchkin, Meteor, Lakia, Karon, everyone was hitting hard and playing like the rent was due. All of them were clutching rounds when the odds were not in their favour and it felt like fans might finally see the first-ever Pacific region team to lift the international trophy. However, they came short and looked kind of out of place at the decider map, Icebox.

With this fabulous series, the first international Valorant event came to an end. Now every team will play in the regional leagues to punch their ticket for the next international event, Valorant Masters Shanghai which is expected to take things to the next level.

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