How to Fix WhatsApp Camera Not Working on Android

Troubleshoot and restore WhatsApp camera functionality on Android: Follow these steps.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to Fix WhatsApp Camera Not Working on Android

How to Fix WhatsApp Camera Not Working on Android

Have you tried taking a photo in WhatsApp, only to find the camera isn't working? This frustrating issue is common for Android users. When you open a chat and tap the camera icon, the screen stays black or unresponsive. Without the ability to snap photos or videos, you can't send visual WhatsApp messages. While inconvenient, there are troubleshooting steps you can take to fix the non-functional WhatsApp camera on your Android device.

This post covers the main causes of the problem and actionable solutions to try. Follow our guide to resolve the camera failure and start sending WhatsApp pics again through simple app resets, updates, permission toggles, and more.

Why Does the WhatsApp Camera Not Work?

There are a few possible culprits that could be preventing WhatsApp's camera from operating correctly on your Android phone:

  • App glitches or bugs - Issues with the programming of the WhatsApp app itself may interfere with camera functionality.

  • Insufficient storage space - If your phone is low on storage, there might not be enough room for WhatsApp to properly access the camera.

  • Outdated app version - Using an old version of WhatsApp that has compatibility problems with your phone's camera is a prime suspect.

  • Disabled app permissions - WhatsApp won't have camera access if you've disabled or revoked its permissions.

Methods to Fix WhatsApp Camera Not Working on Android Phone

Method 1: Force Stop and Clear the Cache

1. Long tap on the WhatsApp icon & select the app info.

2. Scroll down & tap on the Force Stop to fully stop the app and all processes related to it.

3. Then tap the Storage option.

4. Here tap on the Clear Cache and Clear Data to delete temporary files and reset the app. Then open WhatsApp again and check if the camera works now. Clearing corrupt cached data often resolves issues.

Method 2: Update WhatsApp to the Latest Version

Go to the Play Store and check for any pending WhatsApp updates. Install the latest version and open the app. Newer updates often contain bug fixes. Try using the camera again after the update completes. Make sure auto-update is enabled.

Method 3: Verify App Permissions

1. Long tap on the WhatsApp icon & select the app info. In your Apps settings, open App Permissions.

2.  Look for WhatsApp and check that Camera permissions are enabled. If not, tap the Camera permissions and set it to "Allow". This gives WhatsApp access to the camera.

Method 4: Free Up Storage Space

Use your phone's storage settings to check used and available space. Delete large files, unused apps, photos, and videos to free up internal storage. WhatsApp may need up to 500MB of free space to function properly without glitches. After removing content, try the WhatsApp camera again.

Method 5:  Uninstall and Reinstall WhatsApp

Go to your Play Store & search for WhatsApp. Tap Uninstall and confirm to completely remove WhatsApp from your device. Now reinstall the latest version of WhatsApp. When opening the app after reinstalling, check if the camera works properly again.

Method 6: Restart Your Android Device

Simply power down your Android device and turn it back on after 30 seconds. Restarting will clear any minor glitches that may be preventing WhatsApp camera access. After your phone is back on, reopen WhatsApp and test the camera.


With some time and effort trying the various solutions outlined above, you should be able to get your WhatsApp camera working properly again on Android. If not, it may be an issue requiring more direct support from the WhatsApp team. Feel free to share this guide if it is useful! Persistent WhatsApp camera problems may also indicate other hardware or software issues with your device.

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