How to Fix Bluetooth Turning on Automatically on Android

Here are 5 effective methods to fix Android auto-Bluetooth.

By Abhishek Chandel
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5 Ways to Fix Bluetooth Turning on Automatically on Android

5 Ways to Fix Bluetooth Turning on Automatically on Android

It's frustrating when you keep finding your Android's Bluetooth has turned itself back on randomly without you doing anything. The constant automatic Bluetooth activation can be draining your battery unnecessarily. The good news is there are some troubleshooting steps you can try to potentially fix the pesky auto-Bluetooth behavior on your Android device. In this article, we'll outline 5 methods to debug Bluetooth apparently turning itself on for no reason on Android.

5 Ways to Fix Bluetooth Turning on Automatically on Android

1. Check App Permissions

Sometimes the culprit for spontaneous Bluetooth reactivation is an app with permission to toggle your Bluetooth settings. Review your app permissions and see if any apps have been granted access to change your Bluetooth connectivity. These permissions are not needed for most apps.

Go into Settings > Apps > Permission Manager> Nearby devices &  see which apps have this permission. Revoke the permission for any apps that don't have a clear reason to be able to alter this setting. Restricting the permission could prevent errant app activity from enabling Bluetooth automatically.

2. Turn Off Bluetooth Scanning

Your Android periodically scans for nearby Bluetooth devices which can cause your Bluetooth to turn on frequently. To reduce spontaneous activations, you can disable the Bluetooth scanning capability.

Go into Settings > Location > Location services > Bluetooth scanning & turn off toggle next to Bluetooth scanning. This prevents your device from constantly seeking out Bluetooth connections which could be triggering your auto Bluetooth behavior.

3. Check for Malware Apps

Rogue apps and malware could potentially be interfering with your Bluetooth settings. It's worth scanning your Android device for anything suspicious that could be accidentally or deliberately toggling Bluetooth on.

For this open the Play Store & tap on the profile icon, then tap on the "Manage apps & device". Here tap on the "No harmful apps found".

Then simply tap on the Scan button. This will scan your device for any malware or viruses just in case malicious software is making apps unstable. Tap the option to remove any detected malware.

4. Update Android OS

Bugs in your Android OS version could potentially be the source of unintended Bluetooth activity. Google frequently patches bugs in Android updates.

Updating to the latest Android OS version available for your device may fix problems like automatic Bluetooth if it is a system-level bug. Check Settings > Software update to update your OS and get the most stable Android experience.

5. Reset Network Settings

If all else fails, resetting your network settings can serve as a drastic but effective troubleshooting step. This wipes any problematic network configurations or glitches that could be causing the spontaneous Bluetooth activations.

Go to Settings > General management > Reset > Reset network settings. Tap Reset Settings and confirm. Be aware this will clear ALL network settings so you'll need to reconnect to WiFi, Bluetooth devices, and more. Hopefully, with the slate wiped clean, your Bluetooth auto-enabling will stop.


Unexpected Bluetooth turning itself on randomly in Android can certainly be annoying. Hopefully this guide has given you some options to investigate and solve what's causing this battery drainage and unnecessary Bluetooth activity. Debugging app permissions, scanning settings, malware, OS issues or network glitches may reveal what needs fixing. If the behavior persists after troubleshooting, contact your Android device manufacturer for further support.

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