Finally! iPhone Users Discover the Secret to Spam-Free Messaging

Tired of political spam texts on your iPhone? Learn the one simple trick to filter them out and regain a spam-free inbox. Follow these easy settings adjustments for peace of mind.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Finally! iPhone Users Discover the Secret to Spam-Free Messaging

Finally! iPhone Users Discover the Secret to Spam-Free Messaging

The constant deluge of spam texts is a headaches for most iPhone users, but even more so in the heat of a high-stakes election season. “I’m so sick of the daily barrage interrupting my day,” one frustrated user recently vented on Reddit. But Apple fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief — a simple settings trick has been discovered to automatically filter political spam texts away for peacefully uninterrupted messaging. Read on to find out how with just a few quick adjustments to your iPhone, anyone can reclaim a clean, spam-free inbox and say goodbye to the endless texts and dings.

Access the Spam Filter Setting

iPhone users on Reddit have been raving all week about the "one simple trick" to peaceful, spam-free messaging. As Reddit user SpecialistSeesaw650 shared, the first step is to go into your Settings app and toggle on "Filter Unknown Senders" under the Messages menu.

"This way, it'll sort messages from people who aren't on your contacts list into a separate list," explained SpecialistSeesaw650. "You'll see you have a message but you can just swipe left on it to delete it."

To maximize convenience, Apple experts recommend adding any important 5-digit verification code numbers to your Contacts. This includes authentication codes from banks or other services.

You'll also want to customize your notifications to mute "Unknown Senders" altogether, shutting off spam's ability to continually bug you. As one Reddit poster put it: "Just learned you can swipe up or down with two fingers over messages and delete massive amounts of them in seconds."

When you're ready to tackle the buildup of unwanted texts, iPhone users advise taking advantage of the two-finger swipe technique to mass select and erase huge quantities at once.

There's also now a handy menu option to report or block junk numbers right from your filtered messages inbox. "At the end of every unknown number message they'll let you know that the number is not in your contacts list and you can report it as junk as well as block it," added SpecialistSeesaw650.

Additional Tips

Don't forget to unsubscribe from any spam texts you've already received in the past, to stem the tide at the source. It's also wise to only check your "Known Senders" Messages inbox going forward. And most importantly: never click on sketchy links in texts to avoid phishing attacks seeking your personal information.

With just a few quick adjustments to iPhone settings and messaging habits, Apple users can finally reclaim peaceful, spam-free inboxes. Next time you receive political spam texts or see friends complaining about them, share these handy tips! Your whole social circle will thank you.

Source: Dailymail

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