How To Change Instagram Notification Sound on iOS 17 [2024]

Customizing Instagram alert sounds on iOS 17 is a challenge, but there are workarounds. Discover how to change global tones.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How To Change Instagram Notification Sound on iOS 17

How To Change Instagram Notification Sound on iOS 17

Have you ever wanted to set a more pleasing or unique notification sound just for Instagram alerts on your iPhone? Unfortunately, iOS 17 restricts the ability to customize sounds on a per-app basis. While you can't natively pick a special Instagram sound, some clever workarounds do exist. Let's explore your options.

The Limitation: No Native Instagram Custom Sound Options

Due to limitations in iOS, you can't set customized notification sounds for individual apps like Instagram within their settings. The default notification tone will apply to Instagram and any other apps that don't implement their own custom sounds.

This means you're stuck with iOS's default ping noise for Instagram notifications rather than being able to pick your own special tone.

Workaround: Change the Global Notification Tone

While you can't change just Instagram's sound, you can modify the default text tone for all notifications system-wide. Here's how:

1. Open the Settings App on your iPhone & then the Sounds & Haptics option.

2. Under Sound & Haptics, tap on "Default Alerts".


3. Select a new tone from the options.

This will make Instagram (and all other apps) use the new sound for alerts.

The limitation is that updating the global sound affects all apps - not just Instagram.

Best Solution: Provide Feedback to Apple

The ideal solution is for Apple to again allow per-app notification customization in a future iOS update.

If you'd like to see this capability return, send respectful but constructive feedback to Apple explaining how the inability to customize Instagram's sound specifically is impacting your user experience.

The more feedback they receive requesting this feature, the more likely Apple is to re-introduce it.

Alternative Approaches to Consider

If you decide the trade-off of changing all sounds isn't worth just updating Instagram's tone, here are a few other options:

  • Mute specific Instagram notification types you don't need

  • Use your iPhone's mute switch to temporarily quiet all sounds as needed


In summary, iOS 17 prohibits customizing notification sounds on a per-app basis, affecting Instagram. Changing the global tone works but impacts all apps. Providing Apple with polite, constructive feedback is the best way to request a return of individual sound customization. In the meantime, selective notification management can help quiet unnecessary pings.

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