10 Ways to Fix Instagram Music Not Working

Elevate your Instagram posts with music. Explore the top 10 solutions to fix Instagram's music features when they're not working. Rock your stories and reels again!

By Abhishek Chandel
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10 Ways to Fix Instagram Music Not Working

10 Ways to Fix Instagram Music Not Working

Adding music is one of the best ways to make your Instagram posts stand out. But it can be endlessly frustrating when the music features suddenly stop working. Don't panic if you can't add tunes to your Stories or Reels. We'll walk through the top 10 Ways to Fix Instagram Music Not Working issue.

Fix 1: Log Out and Log Back Into Instagram


If the app is up-to-date, try logging out and back into Instagram. This clears your current session and resets everything to default.

To log out:

  • Tap your profile picture

  • Open the menu in the top right corner

  • Select "Settings and Privacy"

  • Scroll down and tap on the red "Log Out" option. 

Close the app fully after logging out. Then reopen Instagram and enter your username and password to log in again.

See if you can access music features now. Tapping "Log Out" essentially gives Instagram a fresh start, which can solve issues with music not working properly in your current session.

Fix 2: Update the Instagram App

Updating the Instagram app is the first thing to try when music features aren't working. An outdated version of the app may not have the newest music tools available.

Go to the App Store on iOS or Play Store on Android. Search for "Instagram" and open the Instagram app page. Check if there is an Update button visible. If so, tap to update to the latest version of Instagram.

If you don't see an Update option, that means your app is already up-to-date. However, it's still a good idea to uninstall and reinstall Instagram to clear out any corrupted files.

Once the update is complete or you've reinstalled the app, open Instagram and try using music again. The ability to add music to stories, Reels, and videos should be restored.

Fix 3: Reinstall the Instagram App

If Instagram's music features still aren't working properly, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. This essentially resets all app data and clears out any corrupted files.

Delete the app from your phone, restart your device, then re-download Instagram from the app store. Log in to your account once it's reinstalled.

Reinstalling the app forces all files, caches, and data to be re-downloaded. This can fix issues caused by glitches or bugs in the app programming.

Fix 4: Switch to a Professional Instagram Account

Instagram offers Business, Creator, and Professional profile types that unlock more capabilities. Personal accounts may have limited functionality, including restrictions around music.

Upgrading to a Professional account is easy:

  • Tap your profile picture

  • Open the menu

  • Select "Settings and Privacy"

  • Here scroll down to the "For Professionals" section

  • Tap on "Account type and tools"

  • Tap "Switch to Professional Account"

  • Select the category that best represents you

Professional accounts provide extra analytics and customization options. Converting your profile may restore access to Instagram's music library.

Fix 5: Switch Back to a Personal Account

In some cases, switching to a Professional account restricts features instead of adding capabilities. Certain business accounts are not permitted to use copyrighted music.

If you converted to Professional but still have music issues, switch back to Personal:

  • Go to your profile

  • Tap the menu

  • Select “Settings and Privacy”

  • Choose “Creator Tools and Controls”

  • Tap “Switch Account Type”

  • Select “Switch to Personal Account”

Personal accounts have fewer restrictions in some regions when using music or multimedia tools.

Fix 6: Try Using Instagram on Another Device

To better diagnose the issue, attempt accessing Instagram music on another smartphone or tablet. Borrow a friend's device and log into your Instagram account.

If music works fine on the other device, then there's likely a compatibility problem with your original phone or tablet. Knowing the issue is isolated to your gadget will help Instagram support troubleshoot.

Testing Instagram on iOS and Android devices helps determine if the problem is account-based or device-specific. Divide and conquer the issue this way.

Fix 7: Use a VPN to Change Locations

In some countries, Instagram's music features may be restricted or unavailable. Using a VPN allows you to bypass these limitations by changing your virtual location.

Download a top-rated VPN app for example NordVPN. Connect to a server located in a country where Instagram music works, like the US or UK.

Refresh Instagram after connecting to the VPN and you should now have access to the music tools. Add music to posts and stories to confirm it's working.

A VPN encrypts your internet traffic and masks your IP address. This tricks Instagram into thinking you're in a different country that supports music features.

Fix 8: Check Instagram's System Status

Before seeking help from Instagram support, check System Status to view any current outages or issues across their services.

If Instagram is experiencing global interruptions with media tools, music features, or other aspects, it's likely a temporary problem on its end. Be patient and try again later once resolved.

Monitoring the system status lets you know if others are facing the same problem. A widespread outage means you just have to wait it out in most cases.

Fix 9: Try Editing Your Post Again

If your issue is isolated to a certain Reel or video post, try editing and re-uploading it. Delete the original and create a fresh version from scratch.

Something in that particular piece of content may have caused an error when trying to add music. Creating a brand new upload can reset things and allow you to add music as desired.

Carefully check the music section when re-editing your post. Confirm you can search, select, and add tracks without any issues or restrictions.

Fix 10: Contact Instagram Support

If you still can't get Instagram music working, it's time to leverage Instagram's customer support. They have experts available to help troubleshoot account and technical issues.

In the Instagram app:

  • Tap your profile icon

  • Open the menu

  • Select “Settings”

  • Choose “Help”

  • Tap “Report a Problem”

  • Select “Report Problem Without Shaking”

  • Explain your music issue and add screenshots

  • Submit the report to Instagram support

Instagram will review the issue and follow up with troubleshooting steps or a resolution. Ask them for clarification if their proposed fixes don't resolve the problem.


With some dedicated troubleshooting, you'll have Instagram music working smoothly again in no time. Be patient and systematically try each fix. Reach out to their support experts if you need assistance. The ability to complement your content with audio is too powerful to miss out on. Get your tracks rocking on Instagram again.

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