How to get free Valorant Masters Madrid 2024 drops?

Watch the first Masters Tournament of the VCT 2024 Season live to unlock new in-game rewards through the Valorant Masters Madrid 2024 Drops.

By Mokshit Batra
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Valorant Masters Madrid 2024 Drops

Valorant Masters Madrid 2024 Drops (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant Champions Tour 2024 is in full swing as the first Masters tournament of the new season has finally begun. Valorant Masters Madrid features the top 2 teams from all the regions fighting for a huge cash prize as well as 3 valuable VCT Points. With the tournament finally underway, players are curious how they can unlock Valorant Masters Madrid 2024 Drops.

Many famous eSports, such as Valorant, Rocket League, and Brawlhalla, incentivise players to watch eSports tournaments of that game by giving away free rewards throughout the live stream.

Riot Games has done something similar with the Valorant Masters Madrid 2024 Drops that can be unlocked throughout the duration of the tournament from March 14th to March 24th.

Unlock free rewards in the game with Valorant Masters Madrid Drops

Two items have been announced so far as part of the Valorant Masters Madrid 2024 Drops - a VCT Push-up player card and the Ñ title. While players were disappointed at the lack of Valorant Gun skins in drops, the rewards are still aesthetically pleasing and will become a rare commodity in the future. 

Image via Riot Games


The VCT Masters Madrid will be broadcast live on both YouTube and Twitch. To be eligible for the Valorant Masters Madrid 2024 Drops, make sure to connect your Riot Games account to either your Twitch or YouTube account. 

All official live broadcasts of the game will have drops enabled by default. Streaming a watch party of the tournament may not give you Valorant Masters Madrid 2024 Drops. Hence, ensure that you are watching an official broadcast of the game. You will also not be eligible for drops if you are watching a VoD version of the stream later on. 

To unlock Title Ñ, make sure to catch a live match before the grand finals between March 14th and March 23rd. For the VCT Player card, you must watch a live match on the day of the grand finale. Usually, watching for 30 of any live match will net you the reward. 

Once unlocked, launch Valorant, and you should be rewarded the item if your Riot Games account is properly linked to your platform of choice. You can now use these items in-game and show off your rare commodities to other players in your lobby. 

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