How to connect PS5 controller to Android in 2024

Unlock the full potential of your PS5 DualSense controller by connecting it to your Android device. Seamlessly switch between mobile gaming and console play.

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How to connect PS5 controller to Android

How to connect PS5 controller to Android

The PS5 DualSense controller provides gamers with an unmatched level of immersion thanks to its advanced haptic feedback and adaptive trigger capabilities. However, this innovative gamepad is also compatible with Android devices.

This guide will explore the simple process for pairing a DualSense with any Android device. It will also cover how to take full advantage of the controller by gaming on the go and smoothly navigating apps and menus. Whether one wants to continue console adventures or broaden a mobile library, connecting a DualSense unlocks a whole new dimension of interactive entertainment on Android.

Steps to connect PS5 controller to Android

1. Launch the Settings app on your phone.

2. Look for the Connections menu to access Bluetooth settings.

3. Make sure Bluetooth is flipped to the On position & open it.

4. Find the PlayStation and Share buttons on the controller. Press and hold them both until the lights start flashing blue. This puts it in pairing mode.

5. Back on your Android's Bluetooth menu, the "Wireless Controller" should pop up in the Available Devices list.

6. Select that entry to start the pairing process. Once paired, the lights will stay solid blue.

There may be a tiny bit of lag since it's a wireless connection. But generally, the input delay is minimal and shouldn't wreck your gaming experience too much. Now you can fully experience PS5 gaming on the go with your Android!

Navigating Android with your PS5 controller

The DualSense's wide variety of inputs allows for precise control over your entire Android experience.

Menu Navigation

Use the analog sticks or D-pad to move selection highlights up/down/left/right between menu options. The face buttons (X, Circle, Square, Triangle) carry out chosen actions like selecting apps or confirming prompts. Work your way through settings, files, and more just like gaming.

Icon Selection

Want to open an app you installed? Use the sticks/d-pad to hover over its home screen icon then press the X button to launch it. Navigating your home screens gets quick and easy.

Scrolling & Swiping

Push up or down on the left stick to scroll through long lists or web pages. Move your finger in a sweeping motion across the touchpad to swipe between different screens in apps.

Touch Targets

Petite touchscreen buttons are no problem for the DualSense. Small targets that may be tricky to hit with your finger become selections you can confidently make with the precision of analog control.

Reconnecting the Controller to the PS5

If you've been using the DualSense with your phone but now wanna play some PS5 games, here's how to reconnect it:

  1. Grab that USB-C cable that charges the controller.

  2. Plug one end into the controller and the other into your PlayStation 5.

  3. Once it's wired up, press the centre PlayStation button.

  4. This will re-link it to your console.

  5. After syncing through the cable, you can unplug it and use it wireless again as normal.

The USB connection overrides the previous pairing to your phone. By re-establishing that initial sync between the controller and PS5, it switches the DualSense back into console mode.

Whether one is looking to enjoy deep, engrossing titles or casual on-the-go fun, having a high-quality controller paired with a phone takes the handheld experience to new heights. So the controller's capabilities should not be limited - take full advantage of its flexibility by connecting it to an Android device and unlocking premium control.

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