How to find a Cabbage Cart in Fortnite?

The newly added Cabbage Carts in Fortnite can give you unique healing items, as well as help you complete Water quests to earn chi and open chakras.

By Mokshit Batra
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Cabbage cart Fortnite

Cabbage Cart in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

The latest Avatar: Elements update has brought several new additions to the game, such as a new premium battle pass, Avatar: The Last Airbender skins, the Appa Glider, and Chakras in Fortnite. Another addition as part of the recent collaboration is the Cabbage Cart in Fortnite. These carts are often spotted in The Last Airbender TV Show and have been added to the Fortnite map for the duration of the event as a tribute to Cabbage Guy Cai. 

Destroying a Cabbage Cart in Fortnite will drop cabbages. These can be useful healing items, with each cabbage healing ten health points. Additionally, there is also a water quest that rewards you with 350 Chi for destroying a Cabbage Cart in Fortnite. 

Earn Chi and get healing items by destroying a Cabbage Cart in Fortnite

There are 26 different Cabbage Carts in Fortnite. These carts are fairly spread out across the map, including the most popular points of interest like Mount Olympus, Pleasant Piazza, and Reckless Railways. A Cabbage Cart in Fortnite is often found around tunnels and gas stations. There is a high likelihood that you will run into a Cabbage Cart in Fortnite just by jumping into a few games. 

Fortnite Cabbage Cart Map (Image via GamesRadar)


Still, if you are having trouble finding a Cabbage Cart in Fortnite, you can follow the map given above and travel to one of the red circles. If you visit one of these places and find no Cabbage Cart, another player has beaten you to it and destroyed it themself. 

Thus, you will have to travel to a different area to find another cart. A Cabbage Cart in Fortnite is easy to destroy. It only takes two hits from your pickaxe or a few bullets from any weapon you may be carrying. Upon destruction, the cart will drop a few cabbages that you can carry with you in your inventory and use as a healing item when you need it. 

Additionally, you only need to destroy one cabbage cart in Fortnite to complete the water quest, earn 350 Chi and get closer towards opening the Water Chakra. Hence, try to land at a PoI that is comparatively less populated. Not only will this make your life much easier, as there will be fewer people trying to shoot you down, but it will also ensure that no player beats you to the punch. 

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