How to Edit Messages on Instagram in 2024

Discover the simple steps to edit sent messages on the platform within a 15-minute window. Explore the nuances and limitations of this feature for clearer communication.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to Edit Messages on Instagram

How to Edit Messages on Instagram

⁠Sending messages on Instagram is easy, but occasionally you may want to fix a typo or clarify a statement. Luckily, the now Instagram allows editing sent messages. By following a few simple steps, you can effortlessly update text without having to re-explain. Whether needing to polish wording or correct an error, this feature saves explanations through its convenient editing ability.

⁠How to Edit Messages on Instagram

Editing Instagram messages is very easy but keep in mind that, you are allowed to edit messages you send on Instagram within a 15-minute time frame.

1. Open the Instagram app & make sure it's updated to the latest version.

2. In the Instagram app open the profile of any person & tap on the message button.

3. Now send him the message, after sending the message long tap on the sent message you wish to edit. After a second, a pop-up will appear.

4. In the pop-up, select “Edit.” This allows you to change the text and edit the message as needed.


5. Once you have finished typing out the edits, tap the Done button.

6. This will replace the existing message text with the edited version & show the "edited" tag above your message.

Important Caveats Around Editing Messages on Instagram

Editing Instagram messages is useful, but there are a few key limitations to note:

  • While you can edit sent messages, recipients may have already read the original version in the chat itself or in notification previews. Edits only replace unread notifications.

  • If a recipient reports your message to Instagram, any edits you've made will be included in the moderation history. Problematic content can't be secretly edited without trace.

  • Messages containing mentions of other users or commands cannot be edited. However, you can delete these messages by selecting "unsend" instead.

  • Each individual message text box is only editable up to 5 times. Use your revisions judiciously, as you won't be able to make infinite tweaks.


In conclusion, Instagram allows users to edit messages they have sent in direct Instagram conversations, which can be useful for fixing typos or clarifying statements. However, there is only a 15-minute window after sending the initial message to make edits. After that, the content is permanent. So while the editing feature provides some flexibility, it's still important to proofread Instagram messages before sending to have the clearest communication.

FAQs - Edit Messages on Instagram

Does editing a message on Instagram change the timestamp?

No, editing a message on Instagram does not change the original timestamp. The time it was originally sent still displays.

Can you edit a photo or video sent in a direct message on Instagram?

No, you cannot edit photos or videos sent in Instagram direct messages. You can only edit the text content of messages.

Is there a way to see the edit history of a message on Instagram?

No, the specific edit history of an Instagram message is not available to view. Only the final edited version is visible.

What happens if I report a message on Instagram that has been edited?

If a message is reported, the edit history is included and visible to Instagram in the report. Edits are not private from moderators.

Can I edit a message on Instagram that I sent a year ago?

No, you cannot edit a message older than 15 minutes on Instagram, no matter how old it is. The edit option disappears after 15 minutes.

Is there a way to completely remove a message from a chat on Instagram without editing it?

Yes, rather than editing a concerning message, you can select "unsend message" to completely remove it from the chat without a trace.

Does editing a message on Instagram inform the recipient?

Yes, when a message is edited, an "edited" tag automatically shows up that informs recipients of the change.

How many times can I edit a sent message on Instagram?

Instagram allows editing a given sent message up to 5 times before the option is disabled.

Is editing messages possible in Instagram group chats?

Yes, the editing capability works the same way in group chats as it does in individual DMs.

Is there a way to secretly edit a sent message on Instagram?

No, there is no truly private way to secretly edit sent messages without the edit being visible through the "edited" tag.

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