How to turn dark mode on Snapchat?

Discover the simplicity of customizing your Snapchat theme with our quick guide to enabling dark mode. Whether you prefer the classic light mode or the sleek aesthetic of dark mode,

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to turn dark mode on Snapchat

Snapchat dark mode (Image via TechFirstNow)

Ever wish you could change Snapchat's bright white background for a more soothing viewing experience? Perhaps dark mode's sleek black aesthetic appeals to you more than the standard light theme. Whatever your reason for wanting to switch it up, adjusting Snapchat's display settings is now easier than ever.

This quick guide will teach you how to modify the app's theme with just a few taps. Whether you keep it dark all the time or just toggle over occasionally, customizing Snapchat's look is simple.

Steps to turn dark mode on Snapchat

Alright, before you get into turning on dark mode, let's make sure your Snapchat app is up to date. Dark mode may not work properly if you haven't updated to the latest version, so take a quick second to check for any updates.

1. Go ahead and open your Snapchat app. When the main page loads, look up in the top left corner for your profile icon - it's usually a little picture of you or your Bitmoji character. Tap on that.

2. Next, on your profile page, find the settings menu. It's typically represented by an icon like a little gear or three lines. Go ahead and hit that icon to open your settings.

3. Next, scroll through the settings options downward until you reach a selection labelled something similar to "App Appearance". That's the one you want. Go ahead and select it.

4. There you'll see the option for dark mode. It may be labeled as "Always Dark" or something similar. Simply tap that to enable your dark mode.

5. In some cases, Snapchat may ask you to restart the app before the changes fully apply. If it does this, just follow its instructions to restart - then you're all set! Let me know if any part needs more explanation.

Reverting to the Default Light Mode

So you've given dark mode a try on Snapchat but decided you prefer the regular light mode after all. No problem, switching back is easy peasy.

  1. First start Snapchat again. When the home screen pops up, tap on your picture in the top left corner.
  2. This will take you back to your profile page. Here, find the settings menu - it usually looks like a wheel or lines. Touch that to go into the settings.
  3. In settings, look for the "App Appearance" section again. Under that, you'll see your options for light or dark backgrounds. This time, pick the one that keeps the regular light background.

Snapchat may ask you one more time to restart the app so it can fully load the light theme. If so, restart it quickly. And just like that, you're back to the standard light mode look!

Well, there you have it - that's all there is to turn on dark mode for Snapchat! Enabling it with just a couple of taps allows you to switch over to a sleek dark theme look. Which some people think looks pretty cool. It can also potentially help cut down on eye strain in low light conditions and extend your battery life a bit on certain phones. 

Of course, dark mode is completely optional - it's totally up to your personal preferences. But taking a minute to poke around the settings can help you customize Snapchat in a way that's comfortable for your eyes.

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