What Does GTS Mean? Snapchat, Texting, and More

Discover the versatile meanings of GTS in texting and Snapchat. From goodnight messages to indicating you're stopping an activity, learn how to use GTS effectively!

By Abhishek Chandel
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Does GTS mean on Snapchat, texting, and more?

What Does GTS Mean

The acronym GTS has become a common fixture of messaging shorthand. You'll see it pop up on platforms like Snapchat or in text conversations, but what exactly does it mean? This blog explores the different definitions of GTS, from saying goodnight to requesting that someone stops an activity. We’ll break down how this three-letter acronym is used across social media and texting.

The Many Meanings of GTS

GTS is one of those acronyms that has many variations. Here are some of the top definitions of GTS:

  • Got To Sleep/Go To Sleep - One of the most popular uses of GTS is to indicate that you’re going to bed or need to get some sleep. It's a quick way to say goodnight.

  • Got To Stop/Go To Stop - GTS can also mean that you want someone to stop doing something right away. It's a way of telling someone to quit some kind of behavior.

  • Got To Study/Go To Study - Many students use GTS to let friends know they have to stop messaging in order to leave and study. It signals an end to the conversation.

  • Got To Shop/Go To Shop - If you need to leave a conversation to head out shopping, GTS can convey that message too.

  • Got To Shower/Go To Shower - GTS also works if you simply need to stop messaging to take a shower.

  • Good Times - In some contexts, GTS also stands for "Good Times" and is used to indicate having fun or conveying positive wishes.

How GTS Is Used on Snapchat

On the Snapchat app, GTS is often used to say goodnight or end a string of Snaps. For example, after Snapping with a friend for a bit, you might finish by sending a photo with just the text "GTS" on it before stopping for the night.

GTS on Snapchat signals you're wrapping up the conversation and heading to sleep. It's a quick, shorthand way to end messaging without having to type out a long goodnight message.

Snapchat users also sometimes send GTS if they have to stop Snapping temporarily to do something else like study, shop, or take a shower. Essentially, sending a solo GTS Snap means "I have to go."

Seeing GTS in Texting Conversations

The use of GTS is very similar in texting conversations. You're likely to see it commonly used in texts when someone needs to end the conversation for the night.

For example:

"GTS! Can't keep my eyes open anymore. Talk tomorrow."

"GTS, I've got a huge test in the morning. Need to study."

So in texts, GTS indicates the person needs to sign off the conversation because they're going to sleep. It provides quick shorthand to say goodnight without typing out long messages.

Some other examples are:

"GTS, girlfriend's calling."

"GTS! Phone's about to die."

Wrap Up

In the texting era, acronyms like GTS have emerged as quick shorthand in digital conversations. Whether you encounter it on Snapchat, in an SMS, or on social media, GTS has a range of useful meanings. Now that you know this slang stands for everything from goodnight to stopping unwanted behavior, you can interpret GTS like a pro across platforms.

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