How do you clear the cache on Android?

Unlock Your Android's Potential: Learn Quick & Safe Cache Clearing Tricks for Faster Performance!

By Abhishek Chandel
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How do you clear the cache on Android?

How do you clear the cache on Android

We all want our Android devices to run fast and smoothly. But over time, performance can slow down as cached files accumulate. Clearing your cache is an easy way to give your phone or tablet a quick speed boost. In this post, We'll explain what cache is and how to clear it on Android.

What is Cache?

Cache is temporary data stored on your device to allow quick access to frequently used apps and websites. This can include app data, images, videos, and browsing history. While cache helps load apps and webpages faster, it can build up over time and take up storage space. Periodically clearing the cache removes unneeded files and frees up memory on your device.

Method 1: Clear the Cache of a Specific App

Instead of clearing all cached data, you can delete temporary files for a single app:

1. Long tap on any app & select the app info icon.

2. Now scroll down & tap on the storage option.

3. Under storage, simply tap on the Clear Cache option in the bottom right corner.

This will remove any cached data for only that particular app. Try clearing the cache for apps that have slowed down like social media or news apps.

Method 2: Clear the Cache Partition

How to perform a Samsung Galaxy S22 Wipe Cache Partition

The cache partition contains cached data used by the core Android operating system. Clearing this can help resolve performance issues on any Android device. Here is how to wipe the cache partition:

  1. Fully power off your Android phone

  2. Press and hold the Volume Down button and Power button at the same time

  3. Keep holding both buttons until you see the boot menu appear

  4. Use the Volume buttons to scroll and highlight "Wipe cache partition"

  5. Press the Power button to select "Wipe cache partition"

  6. On the confirmation screen, use the Volume keys to select "Yes"

  7. Press Power to confirm and wipe the cache partition

  8. Your phone will reboot with the cache partition cleared

This process wipes the system-level cache used by the Android OS. It does not delete your personal data or app data.

Method 3: Steps to Clear Cache on Android Settings

Clearing the cache on Android only takes a few taps:

1. Open the Settings app on your Android device. This is where you can access all your system settings.

2. In Settings, tap "Storage" to navigate to your device's storage settings.

3. Under Storage settings, you'll see a breakdown of space usage. Tap "Cached data" to view all cached files.

4. A popup will appear asking if you want to clear cached data. Tap OK to confirm and delete the files. Once you tap OK, your cached data will be immediately cleared out.


Clearing cached data is an easy way to help speed up your Android device. You can clear the cache for a single app from the app info menu. For a deeper clean, boot to recovery mode and wipe the cache partition used by Android. Alternatively, navigate to Storage settings to view and clear all cached data. Deleting the cache does not delete personal data and is a safe way to optimize your Android. Keeping your device cache trimmed helps maintain smooth and fast performance. 

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