How to unblock a phone number: complete guide?

Blocked someone by mistake? Discover easy steps to unblock phone numbers on Android and iPhone. Reconnect with just a few taps!

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to unblock a phone number

How to unblock a phone number

Ever tried calling or texting someone only to find their number is mysteriously blocked? Blocking unwanted callers is common these days, but mistakes happen too. What if you need to contact someone and realize you or they previously blocked the number? Thankfully, it's relatively easy to remove blocking and open communication again in most cases. This guide will walk through how to unblock a phone number on mobile devices when you need to reconnect with someone.

Common Reasons for Unblocking a Phone Number

There are a few main reasons you may want to unblock a phone number:

  • You blocked the number accidentally

  • You blocked an ex or someone you no longer wish to be out of contact with

  • You blocked a number that turned out not to be spam after all

How to Check if a Number is Blocked

If you can't seem to contact someone, there are a couple of ways to check if their number is blocked:

  • Try calling or texting the number in question. If you get an error message or the call/text does not go through, chances are that number is blocked.

  • Most phones have a call blocking or block list section in the settings. Check here to see if the number you're trying to contact is explicitly listed as blocked.

  • For landlines and some cell phone carriers, you may need to contact the company directly to ask if they show a specific number is blocked on your account.

Step-by-Step Guide to Unblock by Phone Type

The specific steps to unblock a number will vary based on your phone's operating system:

Unblocking on an Android Phone

1. Open the Phone app & go to the dialer section. Here tap on the 3-dot menu icon.

2. Then tap on the Settings option.


3. In the settings the first option you have is Call Blocking, tap to open it.

4. Now scroll down & here you'll see a list of all blocked numbers, Tap the minus(-) icon next to the blocked number to Unblock it.

Unblocking on an iPhone

  1. Go to the Settings app & scroll down & tap on the Phone option.

  2. Scroll down and tap Blocking Contacts & you'll see a list of all blocked numbers.

  3. Tap the edit button in the upper right corner.

  4. Swipe right to left on the number you want to unblock and tap the "Unblock" button.


Being able to unblock a phone number can reestablish valuable connections. Whether you blocked someone accidentally, had a change of heart, or realized it was a misidentified spam block, the steps outlined above allow you to remove blocks when appropriate. Each phone operating system has a slightly different process, but checking your block list and reversing the block is generally straightforward. With this guide, you now have the knowledge to unblock numbers when you need to reopen communication channels on your smartphone.

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