How to tell if someone has a Snapchat+ subscription?

This guide outlines various clues, including star badges, extended story expirations, additional story replays, custom chat wallpapers, and AI-generated profile pictures.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to tell if someone has a Snapchat+ subscription

Snapchat+ subscription (Image via TechFirstNow)

It can be useful to know if someone has Snapchat+. This service gives cool extra features like long stories and chat backgrounds. But Snapchat makes it hard to tell for sure. Instead of asking, we look for little signs without asking them.

This article shows ways to spot clues in profiles, stories and chats. We will learn about badges, settings, and things that can help us figure it out without talking to them. Let's explore each way step-by-step!

Method 1: The Star Badge

The first thing to check is the little star badge next to their username. Snapchat+ subscribers get a small gold star icon placed right there on their profile. It's in a small size but really pops against the white background. Now, subscribers can actually toggle the badge on and off if they want. So if you don't see it, that doesn't guarantee they don't have a paid account.


But if the star is showing, that's a pretty good sign they're subscribed. You'd still want to look for other clues though just to be sure. Just because the badge isn't there doesn't mean no Snapchat+ - there could be other reasons you can't see it.

Method 2: Extended Story Expirations

Usually on Snapchat, other people's stories only last 24 hours before they go away. But Snapchat+ lets you change that. With the paid version, you can make stories stay for anywhere from 1 hour to 1 whole week. That's way longer than the normal 24 hours. So if you see a story and it's, like, 3 days old but you can still watch it, that person probably used Snapchat+ to make it last longer.


You have to pay attention to how old the story is. If it's been a few days and you can still see it, they may have paid to extend it. Unless they just kept posting the same story over and over for free. So you have to think about if they kept re-adding the same pics and videos a lot too.

Method 3: Additional Story Replays

So on a normal Snapchat account, when you replay a friend's story, they'll get notified that you saw it. But with Snapchat+, you get some bonuses. One cool thing is that Snapchat+ users can replay any snap twice before the sender is alerted. As a regular user, you're only allowed one replay before they know.

So if you see that someone rewatched your story twice in a row without triggering any notifications, that simply means that they must have Snapchat+. Only people with a paid subscription can get away with replaying stories two times consecutively like that. Regular folks only get one replay under the radar.

Method 4: Custom Chat Wallpapers

Snapchat lets you pick backgrounds for your chat screens with friends. Some of these backgrounds show a small shiny gold star icon. This star icon labels those backgrounds as only for people with a Snapchat+ subscription. The paid service lets you use those backgrounds exclusively.

The backgrounds with stars can only be used by active subscribers to the Snapchat+ program. If you see someone you're chatting with has picked a background with one of these star icons, it gives a good indication of their subscription status. Spotting the star-branded background shows they likely have the paid version of Snapchat.

Method 5: AI-Generated Profile Pictures

Snapchat has a tool where you can make custom photos for your profile background using artificial intelligence. This AI image maker is only for people with Snapchat+. Any images made with the AI tool will show a small gold star icon with a thin circular line around it.

This star icon in the middle of a circle is called the AI badge symbol. If you see another user has this AI badge on their profile picture, it means for certain they have Snapchat+ access. Spotting the AI badge icon on someone else's profile background leaves no question - they are actively subscribed to the paid Snapchat+ version.

In the end, one sign alone may not prove they have Snapchat+. But if we see multiple clues together, it can help us make a good guess. Things like stars, story replays and special effects can all point to it. Of course, the real answer is just asking them. But these methods let us think we know without saying it to their face. As Snapchat adds new paid features, the clues may change too. Keeping up means we stay smart on what they can do with the app.

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