How to check bot/ghost followers on Instagram?

Thanks to a new feature, users can check and remove the bot and ghost followers from your Instagram account to improve your reach and engagement

By Mukul Dutt
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The growth and engagement of your Instagram account can be affected greatly by Bot and Ghost followers. The algorithm of Instagram tends to reduce the reach of your account if the density of these types of followers is high.

Instagram has recently pushed a new feature where an algorithm distinguishes between these types of accounts by tracking their past activities. This feature will help in maintaining authenticity and engagement, thus increasing the reach of your account.

What are Bot and Ghost followers?

The accounts flagged as Bot generally have no Profile picture, have lesser follower count and more following count, and have zero posts.

Whereas, Ghost followers are those accounts that are actual users but they don't engage with your content which in turn negatively impacts the reach of your content.

Remove bot and ghost followers from your Instagram account

Activating this feature on your device is quite easy. Let's check it out

  1. Click on the Hamburger icon on your profile tab.
  2. Go to Settings and Privacy.

Switching on/off the Filter Spam followers option
Filter Spam Followers

3. You will find an option to "Filter spam followers" inside the Follow and Invite friends option. Turn it on.

Filter Spam Followers
Filter Spam Followers

4. You are now all set to access this feature. To check if there are Bot and Ghost accounts following you, go to your followers and there will be a tab of "Potential Spam" accounts. You can now remove these kinds of followers from your account.

Potential Spam Followers
Potential Spam Followers

However, there is a certain drawback, this feature might flag some real accounts as spam and you may lose them in the process of mass dump.

What alternate methods can be used to remove Bot followers?

Now, if you don't wish to remove your genuine followers who are flagged as spam, you can review the list and remove the bot followers.

Another way to remove bot followers from your account is by using third-party apps. Third-party apps are not advisable since you might share more data unknowingly about your account than needed.

In conclusion, keeping bot and ghost followers under control is an essential condition for ensuring the authenticity of your audience on Instagram and, hence, their engagement.

The new feature, in general, would make it easier for people to cope with this task. However, it is important to pay attention to the development of an algorithm that matches the service’s requirements to make sure that real people are not eliminated in this process.

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