How to turn off read receipts on Instagram in 2024?

Discover how to turn off read receipts in Instagram DMs globally or for specific recipients. Follow these simple steps to enjoy browsing and chatting on Instagram.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to turn off read receipts on Instagram

How to turn off read receipts on Instagram

Whether one wants privacy while casually browsing Instagram DMs or simply dislikes the pressure of read receipts, it is actually quite simple to turn them off. Many find it distracting to have the little "seen" label pop up every time opening the app. Thankfully, Instagram provides users control over this setting so they can freely enter and exit conversations without others knowing.

This guide will break down the quick steps to disable read receipts both globally for all chats as well as selectively for certain individuals. It takes only a minute or two to ensure one can peruse messages discreetly without alerting the other person.

How to turn all of your Instagram DM read receipts off

1. First things first, make sure you have the latest version of Instagram loaded on your device. Hop into your app store and search for “Instagram”. Check if any updates are available - if so, smash that “Update” button to download the goods.

2. Once your app is all updated, open it up and tap the little profile pic in the bottom right. This will take you to your page.

3. Now on your profile, you’ll see a little hamburger menu up top right. It’s the three little lines - tap on that to see your options.

4. From the menu that pops up, select “Settings”. Some people might see it as “Settings and Privacy” - either way, that’s your next stop.

5. Scroll down the Settings page till you hit the “How Others Can Interact With You” section. Then tap on “Messages and Story Replies”.


6. Under there is the key option - “Show Read Receipts”. This allows people to see when you've been creepin’ on their DMs.

7. Finally, just slide that toggle switch to the “Off” position. No more will they know when you have been reading.

How to turn Instagram DM read receipts off for specific recipients

1. First open up the IG app and go to your DMs by hitting the little paper plane icon on the top right. Find the chat with the person you wanna hide from. Once you're in the thread, press down on their profile pic or name at the top. This pulls up a little menu.

2. In that menu look for something like "Privacy & safety" and tap in.

3. Then switch the slider next to "Read receipts" all the way to the "Off" side.


With those simple steps completed, DMs can now be privately examined to one's content. Perhaps an old crush's story can even be lurked upon without detection. Privacy in conversations is beneficial for browsing at one's own pace free from worries about being "seen". Enjoy the newfound confidentiality options in DMs.


How do I check my read receipts setting?

To check your current read receipts status, follow the steps to access your Instagram settings. Under "Messages and Story Replies" the toggle will indicate if the setting is currently on or off.

If I turn off read receipts, will people know I've seen their messages anyway?

No, without read receipts enabled there is no visible indicator to others showing you've read a message. The message status will remain unchanged after you view it.

Can I turn read receipts off just for one conversation?

Yes, you can disable read receipts selectively on a per-contact basis. Follow the separate instructions to access the privacy setting within any individual DM thread.

I turned off read receipts but they're still coming through for some people. Why?

Check that read receipts are disabled both at the global app level and individually within those contacts' threads. Ensure your app is also updated - older versions may not respect the read receipts setting properly.

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