7 Ways to fix the "Network Request Failed" error on Instagram

It is just very annoying to face the network issue while trying to chill on Instagram, so here are some fixes to get rid of this issue and enjoy the scrolling hassle-free.

By Abhishek Chandel
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"Network Request Failed" on Instagram

Nothing is more frustrating than having issues accessing your Instagram account due to network errors. However, by systematically troubleshooting the problem, you can often resolve the "Network Request Failed" message and get back to scrolling your feed in no time.

This guide will go through 7 potential fixes you can test out to fix the "Network Request Failed" error on Instagram. So without further ado let's get started!

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing to do is make sure your internet connection is solid. Whether you're using WiFi or mobile data, confirm the connection is stable and working well.

If your current network seems unreliable, give a different WiFi a try or switch to mobile data instead. Sometimes the problem is just with that particular network you're on.

Take note if other apps are also struggling to load or behaving weirdly. If your whole device seems to be offline, it may be something to do with your internet or phone settings that needs adjusting.

If your connection seems fine but IG still isn't working, restart your phone. A quick reset often fixes glitchy behaviour. Give your apps a fresh start to see if that helps Instagram start cooperating again.

The goal is to figure out whether the problem is specific to IG or related to your connection/device in general. Narrowing it down first makes troubleshooting easier.

2. Clear App Cache and Data

Sometimes all that cached or temporary junk stored in an app can cause conflicts or bugs. Clearing this out may help fix network errors.

  1. Long press on the IG app icon > Tap "App Info"

  2. Select "Storage"

  3. Tap "Clear Cache" then "Clear Data"

  4. Restart your phone

  5. Try reopening Instagram

Clearing the cache/data wipes out any temporary files or saved info that may be messing things up. A fresh start after a restart can sometimes solve issues.

3. Update Instagram App

Dated apps can have glitches and new updates addressed. Keeping IG fresh makes sure it runs its best.

  1. Open the Play Store

  2. Search for "Instagram"

  3. If an update's available, hit "Update"

  4. Let it fully download and apply the app changes

Updating IG may fix networking errors or bugs introduced since the last version. Staying current prevents app-related problems down the line too.

4. Disable VPN or Proxy

VPNs route your internet through other servers, but that can occasionally interfere with apps.

  1. Go into your VPN app

  2. Toggle off any active VPN connection

  3. Try IG again without the VPN on

VPNs are great for privacy but sometimes clash with apps. Disconnecting makes sure nothing VPN-related is messing with IG's internet stuff.

5. Check Instagram Server Status

Sometimes the error happens because IG's own servers are glitching, not anything on your end.

  1. Search online for "Instagram server status"

  2. Websites like DownDetector show if IG is down or buggy

  3. Check IG's social pages too for notices about their systems

Seeing others report problems means Insta may need to fix their stuff up.It is good to verify the issue isn't you before more troubleshooting.

6. Reinstall Instagram App


If the above fixes don't work, a fresh install often fixes things.

  1. Long press IG's icon until wiggly

  2. Hit "Uninstall"

  3. Go to the Play Store

  4. Search "Instagram"

  5. Tap "Install"

Reinstalling wipes IG's files and settings completely. Good for troubleshooting when the issue won't quit. Make sure to log back in and give it a go without old bugs getting in the way. 

7. Contact Instagram Support

If nothing else worked and you're still stuck, get in touch with IG's team.

  1. Open the IG app and tap "Settings"

  2. Select "Help" to find support contact options

  3. You can also visit their Help Center site

  4. Or reach out on their social accounts

Let IG's team know what's up if all else fails. They may be able to figure out something specific to your situation.

If all of the above solutions have been attempted without success, it may be time to contact Instagram support directly to investigate further. They have more tools at their disposal to diagnose technical problems. Explain clearly what troubleshooting steps have already been taken so representatives can quickly understand the scope of the issue. In some cases, they may find a resolution is needed on Instagram's network side rather than individually.

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