How to show the Threads badge on your Instagram profile?

Discover the steps to connect your Threads account to Instagram, showing your active participation in public discussions. Also, find out how to hide or add the Threads badge.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to show the Threads badge on your Instagram profile

Threads badge on Instagram profile

Threads app facilitates viewable and participatory discussions where individuals can initiate conversational “threads” containing text, images, videos, or links. Other Threads members can post responsive replies, cultivating back-and-forth exchanges visible to all.

This distinguishes itself from the private direct messaging options on Instagram. Additionally, Threads enables following other profiles to view shared content within one’s primary feed.

However, merely utilizing the app in isolation does not fully integrate it with one’s Instagram presence. This informational guide aims to elucidate the steps to formally link a Threads account with Instagram in a way that publically displays the Threads badge signalling active involvement in open conversations with other app users.

Join Threads to show the Threads badge on your Instagram profile

1. Launch the Instagram mobile application & Navigate to your personal profile page by selecting the circular icon located in the bottom right corner depicting your uploaded photo.

2. Near the top of the profile screen lies the Threads icon symbolized by a @. Tap this item to initiate the linking workflow.

3. Selecting the Threads icon redirects to either the App Store or Google Play based on the device, where you can install the Threads app by tapping the download button.

4. Once installed, open the Threads mobile application and log in using Instagram.

5. After logging in, your profile name and photo will populate within Threads - proceed by tapping the forward arrow icon in the top right corner.

6. Threads will then provide an option to configure profile visibility as either public or private before continuing.

7. The application may recommend other accounts to follow for reference purposes.

8. Review the descriptive Threads text and tap the large join button at the bottom to validate a successful link.

9. On your IG page it's denoted by the THREADS icon badge on your Instagram profile.

How to Hide & Add Threads Badge on Instagram

1. First thing first, head to your Instagram profile page by tapping on your icon in the lower right. Then hit the "Edit Profile" button.

2. Once you're in editing mode, look for the toggle switch next to "Show Threads Badge". If you want to hide it, just slide that off.

3. Now, when you back out, that little Threads icon will be gone from right under your name.

4. To put it back, simply go through those same profile editing steps and turn the toggle switch for "Show Threads Badge" back on this time.


Taking a few minutes to join Threads and confirm the displaying badge is an easy way to signal your presence on the app for public discussions. While it mainly centres around viewing and engaging in open conversations like Twitter, the option to link profiles offers value in coordination. Social media platforms frequently evolve and adding new networking elements like Threads can foster deeper interactions when utilized successfully.


What can I share on Threads? 

Threads app lets you start or join in on discussions by posting text, pictures, videos or links. It's all about the written word here - you can express yourself and chat with others.

Does Threads have stories?

No, you can't post stories on Threads.

Can I use Threads for public posts?

Definitely! Threads is designed for everybody to see your conversations. You can make posts up to 500 characters including photos and vids for all to enjoy.

How do I know if someone is using Threads?

Search their IG username on your Threads app & you'll know it.

Can I block someone on Threads?

Yes, Threads lets you directly block anyone from their profile.

Does Threads disappear like Snapchat?

Nope, Threads doesn't do the whole ephemeral thing like Snap. Your posts stay up until you manually delete them yourself.

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