How to Tell If A Mac Has Apple Silicon Or Intel Inside [2024]

Is your Mac powered by Apple Silicon or Intel? Follow these simple steps to find out and stay informed about compatibility and performance.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to Tell If A Mac Has Apple Silicon Or Intel Inside

How to Tell If A Mac Has Apple Silicon Or Intel Inside

Apple has transitioned from using Intel processors to its own Apple Silicon processors in Mac computers. This transition began in 2020, the name of the first one was Apple M1, & the second one was Apple M2 & as of 2024, the latest one is Apple M3. It's important to know which processor your Mac has because it affects compatibility with software and accessories. This article will explain how to identify if your Mac has an Apple Silicon or Intel processor.

How do I know if my Mac is Intel or Apple silicon?

1. On your Mac screen click on the Apple  icon at the upper left corner.

2. Now a drop-down menu will open up on the top left corner, here click on the "About This Mac" option.

3. After that in the "About This Mac" window, below your Mac model name, the first option you'll see is Chip & next to that you'll see your chip name, like M1, M2, M3 or if you have Intel chip then it'll say Intel Core. So by this process, you can know if your Mac has Apple silicon or Intel inside.

Wrap Up

Identifying your Mac's processor is straightforward once you know where to check. The processor type affects compatibility and performance. Going forward most new Macs will have Apple Silicon. Checking your Mac's processor will remain important to ensure software and accessory compatibility. There are many other ways to find this info but the one we explained in this article is most simplest & easiest one to check for Apple or Intel processors.

FAQs - Apple Silicon Or Intel

Should I upgrade to Apple Silicon?

Upgrading to an Apple Silicon Mac offers benefits like improved performance and battery life. However, if you rely on software that is not optimized for Apple Silicon then first you should check app compatibility before upgrading.

Can I run Windows on a Mac with Apple Silicon?

Yes, now you can run Windows on a Mac with Apple Silicon using Parallels Desktop. Microsoft now officially supports running Windows 11 on Macs with Apple silicon M1, M2, M3 CPUs.

Are all new Macs now using Apple Silicon?

Yes, apple completed the transitioning of all Macs to Apple Silicon last year so if you purchase any new Mac then it's definitely using a Apple Silicon.

Can I install Intel chips in a Mac with Apple Silicon?

No, you cannot install Intel chips or processors in a Mac designed for Apple Silicon. The hardware and architecture are completely different.

Are Apple Silicon Macs future-proof?

Apple Silicon Macs are designed to be future-proof for many years. The new architecture and unified memory should allow them to be usable and fast for a long time. Time will tell but the signs are positive.

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