How To Open A Pop-Up Window On Mac In Safari

Master Safari's pop-up blocker on your Mac. This guide walks you through customizing settings to allow trusted pop-ups, block unwanted distractions, and optimize your browsing journey.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How To Open A Pop-Up Window On Mac In Safari

How To Open A Pop-Up Window On Mac In Safari

Pop-up windows can be both useful and annoying - providing helpful information or unwanted distractions. Safari gives you control over managing pop-ups with its built-in blocking feature. By following a few simple steps to configure settings specifically for sites you trust, you can allow desired pop-ups while screening out disruptive ones. This article will guide you through customizing Safari's pop-up blocker on Mac to intelligently handle pop-up windows for a better browsing experience

How To Open A Pop-Up Window On Mac In Safari.

1. Open the Safari browser on your Mac and navigate to the website where you want to allow pop-up windows. In the top left corner of the Safari window, click on the Safari menu and select "Settings".

2. In the settings window, click on the "Websites" tab at the top. In the left sidebar, click on "Pop-up Windows". This will show you a list of websites you currently have open in Safari. Find the website you want to allow pop-ups for and click on the dropdown menu next to the site. Select "Allow" if you want to always allow pop-ups from this site. Select "Block and Notify" if you only want to allow pop-ups sometimes after approving them.

3. At the bottom of the Pop-up Windows settings, you can set the default behavior for all websites not listed above. Choose "Allow" to let pop-ups open automatically from any site. Choose "Block and Notify" to block pop-ups by default but allow approved ones.

4. After setting your preferences, go to the website you configured. If you set the site to "Allow", any pop-ups will open automatically. If you set it to "Block and Notify", a message will appear at the top saying "Pop-up Blocked". Click the pop-up icon next to the message to allow that specific pop-up to open.

5. When you click the pop-up icon, the blocked pop-up window will now open on your screen. You can repeat this approval process each time a pop-up is blocked if you have the default set to "Block and Notify". The pop-up blocker remembers your approvals on a per-site basis.

Are Safari pop-ups dangerous?

Safari pop-ups can potentially be dangerous if they come from untrusted websites. Malicious sites may use pop-ups to install malware, steal personal data, or trick you into entering sensitive information. However, most pop-ups are harmless - just annoying. As long as you stick to reputable sites and don't click suspicious links, Safari pop-ups are generally safe. The built-in pop-up blocker provides an extra layer of protection against risky pop-ups.

How do I know which pop-ups to block?

The best approach is to block all pop-ups by default and only allow ones you trust. Key signs a pop-up may be risky or unwanted include - originating from a site you don't recognize, promoting sketchy offers like "free" gift cards, opening multiple windows at once, launching upon page load before you can read content, and using misleading buttons or graphics. Legitimate sites will generally notify you first before opening pop-ups. Go into Safari settings to customize your blocker for known trusted sites.


With Safari's customizable pop-up blocker, you can easily find the right balance for allowing helpful pop-ups while blocking irritating ones. Configure site-specific settings for trusted domains you visit often and set smart default blocking rules. Remember to check for notification icons to approve blocked pop-ups when needed. Take time to optimize your preferences and the pop-up blocker will do the work for you automatically. Intelligent pop-up handling keeps your browsing focused while still permitting useful features websites provide via pop-up windows.

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