7 Best Clipboard Management Apps for iPhone in 2023

Explore top clipboard management apps for iPhone. From Paste's cross-device sync to CLIP+'s automatic saving, find the perfect app for organized and efficient copying.

By Abhishek Chandel
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7 Best Clipboard Management Apps for iPhone

7 Best Clipboard Management Apps for iPhone

A clipboard manager is one of those underused yet invaluable types of app that can skyrocket productivity on iPhone. They allow effortlessly saving everything copied from any app or document for later retrieval via intelligent search and organization systems. No more frustration over accidentally losing important text, links, or media clips you painstakingly copied previously since they enable acting like a clipboard time machine. Here are the 7 Best Clipboard Management Apps for iPhone.

1. Paste

Paste is designed to be the ultimate clipboard manager for enhanced copy-pasting from iPhone to iPad and Mac through seamless cross-device synchronization. It serves as your own personal clipboard time machine. You can instantly access unlimited history to find anything ever copied via a powerful intelligent search. Any text, links, images, or files can be effortlessly retrieved.

One of its most versatile features is customizable rules that give complete control over what content gets tracked from specific apps. For instance, you may want to exclude confidential work documents or personal messaging data to preserve privacy even as Paste efficiently handles general copying needs.


  • Unlimited clipboard history

  • Intelligent search to find anything copied

  • Customizable tracking rules

  • Cross-device sync


  • Large storage needs over time

  • Battery drain

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2. CLIP+

CLIP+ delivers a simple, clean yet surprisingly capable clipboard manager that is now fully optimized for iOS. Its key benefit is being able to save everything you copy from any app automatically in the background. You can conveniently access all your clips from the Notification Center and paste them with one touch when needed. CLIP+ automatically identifies different content and suggests context actions, e.g. call phone numbers, launch maps for addresses, open weblinks in Safari, and more.

Media previews is a killer CLIP+ feature where URLs copied from images and GIFs are previewed right in the app interface. This allows sharing visual content directly via Messages, Twitter(X), and Mail instead of needing intermediary steps. For fans of keyboard-centric workflows, CLIP+ also integrates with Spotlight search along with offering widgets and thoroughly customizable behaviors.


  • Automatic saving of all clipboard content

  • Media and link previews

  • Siri Shortcuts support


  • No editing tools for clipboard content

  • Limited organization features

  • No proprietary notes system

  • Less recognitions than rivals

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3. iPaste

iPaste has adopted a streamlined, minimalist approach for quickly saving clipboard clippings on demand and paste them across iPhone, iPad and Mac devices anytime. You can freely create unlimited groups to neatly organize a high volume of clips. The handy Today widget provides one tap access for copying clips over without launching the main app.

While the free version covers core functionality, upgrading to iPaste Pro subscription unlocks premium power-user features. This includes full cross device syncing, variety of snipping tools to capture screenshots, images and scans, batch pasting multiple clips, Plain Text conversion and clipboard statistics. Support for diverse formats is a key strength from basic text snippets to formatted documents, images, files spanning numerous filetypes, office docs etc.


  • Free basic version

  • Unlimited groups for organizing clips

  • Universal app for iPhone & iPad

  • Free syncing between Apple devices


  • Advanced features require paid upgrade

  • Text-only clips

  • Web clipper and scans missing

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4. Copy Better

As the name suggests, Copy Better is laser focused on providing superior management for everything you copy and paste. It serves as centralized storage hub for both plain text and richly formatted clips. You can directly type out new clippings within the app itself for notes and checklists etc.

Handy organizational features are offered such as customizable folders, color coding, tagging for easily locating specific clips even from an extensive history of saved entries. Keyboard workflow fans will love pasting clips super fast into other apps. Extensive support provided for applying formatting to clips covers fonts, colors, styles, headings, bulleted lists, indentation etc.


  • Store both plain text and formatted clips

  • Direct in-app text clipping creation

  • Folders and tags for organization

  • Universal iPhone and iPad app


  • Lacks automation features

  • Formatting less flexible than dedicated notes apps

  • No link or URL attachments

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5. SnipNotes

SnipNotes delivers a robust productivity suite combining capabilities of both a fully featured clipboard manager along with notebook for creating styled text notes seamlessly imported from web pages, screenshots and other documents. It aims to be a companion app to quickly capture ideas, thoughts, content snippets and access them anytime.

In the clipboard manager role, SnipNotes automatically saves everything copied on clipboard and allows you to directly paste without switching apps using Menu Bar icon and Notification Center widget. The notes section allows freestyle content creation combining text, lists, images along with offering extensive formatting and numerous custom icons. Notes integrate with system actions to call phone numbers, get directions to addresses etc.


  • Unified notebook + clipboard manager

  • Menu bar quick capture

  • Automatic clipboard saves

  • Rich note formats supported


  • Steep learning curve

  • Resource intensive

  • Formatting can be meticulous

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6. Anybuffer

Anybuffer strikes a balance between minimalist interface design while packing robust functionality for knowledge workers to store any kind of content to power productivity. It serves effectively as capable clipboard manager alongside database to organize documents, images, links and more. Flexible drag and drop workflows are a highlight along with Share extension catching downloads plus scanning physical documents into digital clips on the go using smartphone camera.

Custom shelves allows you to meticulously structure a personal filing system to access your stuff in seconds powered by simple yet powerful search. iPad users can leverage Slide Over, Split View and Drag & Drop to capture and access clips conveniently from Anybuffer while working in another app. Everything remains synced across iPhone and iPad via iCloud. Integrations like Spotlight search, Siri Shortcuts, Widgets extend capabilities further.


  • Store diverse content types

  • Drag and drop workflows

  • Document scanner integration

  • Cross-device sync


  • Less clipboard specialization

  • Advanced features paid only

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7. Yoink

Yoink specializes in reducing friction for moving files, data, images and more between apps through speedy drag and drop workflows combined with temporary storage space to use for clipboard and buffer type tasks. It shines in these core use cases rather than attempting to build out collection of ancillary features seen in Swiss army knife style rivals.

Yet for moving stuff around efficiently, Yoink delivers ample flexibility. You can store items via drag and drop, share extension, copy-paste, downloads etc. Its Clipboard Monitor automatically saves new clipboard content in background for fast reusable access powered by machine learning for recognizing filetypes. Rich previews help accurately identify each item. Further integration like iCloud Sync, Handoff, Keyboard, Widgets, Siri Shortcuts/Suggestions round out polished experience.


  • Frictionless drag and drop

  • Automatic clipboard saving

  • Previews filetypes

  • iCloud sync across devices


  • Lacks advanced features seen in rivals

  • No editing tools

  • Set organization system

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All the diverse clipboard management apps featured excel in their own way to prevent copied content getting lost while streamlining accessibility for improved workflows. While simple offerings like CLIP+ and Anybuffer may meet basic reuse needs for many, power users can unlock next level functionality with the likes of SnipNotes and Paste without overwhelming complexity. Determine key priorities around formatting, note features, automation etc and evaluate the options to pinpoint your best clipboard sidekick!

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