How to take screenshot on Macbook Air?

Learn various methods to take screenshots on your MacBook Air, including capturing the entire screen, selecting specific areas, and using the Screenshot app.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to take screenshot on Macbook Air

Screenshot on Macbook Air

Taking screenshots on your Mac is an easy way to capture and save anything displayed on your screen. No matter if you want the full view of your desktop background, a single program window, or a customized cutout - your Mac makes it easy with intuitive key combos and options for any screenshotting situation.

This article will take you through the different ways to take photos of your display. It'll outline the essential full screen, chosen section, and individual window key combos. Keep reading to discover all the useful snapshot options available with your MacBook Air.

Method 1: Capture the Entire Screen

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Sometimes when you want to take a picture on your computer, it's not just one small part but the whole big screen. This is helpful if you need to share or save a whole webpage, document, or everything you see.

It's very easy to take a picture of your entire screen all at once. You use your keyboard. Press and hold down the "Shift" and "Command" keys together. While holding them, press the number "3" key too. Then it will quickly take a photo of everything on your screen right now, including any open windows.

After it takes the photo, a little small preview will pop up in the bottom right corner for a second. This lets you look fast and check it got what you wanted. You can click on the preview if you need to change or add to the picture now. Or it will automatically save the picture file for you on your Desktop so you can find it later when you want it.

Method 2: Capture a Selected Area

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Sometimes you only need a snap of a certain part of your display, like a single window or menu section. To grab a custom clip, use the quick key combo "Shift + Command + 4".

Once you press that key combo, your cursor will transform from an arrow into a tiny cross-shaped aiming marker. Then you can click-drag it around to highlight the exact portion you want in the pic. A box shows you what'll be captured.

Play around with dragging the edges or corners to resize the box as needed. And if you need to reposition it, just hold down the spacebar while dragging. Once the box is framing what you want, let go to snap the screenshot.

Method 3: Capture a Specific Window

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On occasions when all you need is a single program window like a chat or dialogue box, snap a shot of just that window alone. For snapping individual windows alone, use the nifty “Shift + Command + 4” keyboard shortcut followed by a quick tap of the spacebar.

When you press those keys, your cursor transforms into a little camera. Guiding that transformed cursor over the desired window will cause it to become highlighted with a visible frame, indicating it has been selected for the screenshot.

Once the right one is framed, click to take the shot. It'll capture that window with a grey border around it so you can tell it's isolated from the rest of your screen clutter.

Super useful if you need to share or show someone exactly what's in a single program window without including extra stuff in the background.

Method 4: Using the Screenshot Menu

Credit: apple

Your Mac also contains a full-featured screenshot tool that continuously runs behind the scenes. This application provides functionalities above and beyond the keyboard input methods. To access the program, launch it by pressing the “Shift + Command + 5” key combination.

A small menu will slide up from the bottom of your display with different buttons for capturing fullscreen snaps, individual windows, or customized clips. It also lets you record videos of your entire display or highlighted regions.

Just click the icon for the type of capture you need. The menu also has an "Options" section so you can customize things like where pics are saved, add a delay, or make the mini preview photo stick around longer for editing before saving.

Everything related to screenshots and screen recordings is centralized in this Screenshot app. Play around with the choices if you need multiple types of captures or want more control over the process.

When it comes down to it, your MacBook Air presents a whole bunch of possibilities for snapping pics of your screen. From convenient keyboard shortcuts to the full-featured Screenshot app controls, you've got bases covered.

You can experiment with the all techniques and see which mesh best with your regular workflow. Getting comfortable with screenshots can definitely help in situations like troubleshooting problems, walking others through steps, or preserving vital information.

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