How to Change Time Format on a Mac [macOS Sonoma]

Discover how to easily change the time format on your Mac running macOS Sonoma. Whether you prefer the 12-hour clock with AM and PM or the 24-hour military-style time.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to Change Time Format on a Mac

How to Change Time Format on a Mac

The default time format on Mac computers displays the 12-hour clock with AM and PM indicators. However, MacOS allows users to easily switch to a 24-hour time format for a more standardized display. In this article, we'll see how you can change the time format on a Mac from 12 hours format to 24 24-hour format & vice-versa. This simple adjustment provides greater consistency and avoids confusion between morning and evening.

Steps to Change Time Format on a Mac in macOS Sonoma

1. In the first step click on the Apple icon at the upper left corner, & select the System Settings option.

2. In the Settings, Click on the General & then select the "Date & Time" option.

3. Under the Date & Time settings, turn on the toggle next to "24-hours time", this will change the time Format on the upper right menu bar. The Second option here is "Show 24-hour time on Lock Screen", this will change the time Format on the screen when you lock your Mac.

4. Close System Settings & the time format will now be in 24-hour mode rather than 12-hour (AM/PM) mode. If you turn off the toggle then it'll switch back to 12 hours format.


In just a few quick steps, Mac users can change their computer's time format from the traditional 12-hour display to the military-style 24-hour mode. By toggling on the "Use 24-hour time" and "Show 24-hour time in menu bar" settings under Date & Time in System Settings, the transformation is complete. While personal preference dictates whether 12 or 24-hour time is best, the ability to switch between the two on a Mac provides helpful flexibility.

FAQs - Change Time Format on a Mac

How do I change the timezone on my Mac Sonoma?

In your system settings, under the time & date settings, you'll get the option to change the timezone. Here turn off the toggle next to "Set time zone automatically using your current location". Now click on the "Closest city" option and here search and select a different timezone.

What are the different time formats available on macOS Sonoma?

The two main options are 12-hour (default) and 24-hour military-style time. You can switch between them in System Settings.

Where can I find more advanced time settings?

Open System settings> Control Center> Clock, here click on the clock option & now you'll get Advanced settings to customize your clock on Mac. 

Will changing the time format affect how apps display dates and times?

Most apps will automatically adjust their time format based on your System Settings. However some may need to be customized individually.

How do I set the 24-hour clock on my Mac?

In System Settings > General > Date & Time, turn on the "Use 24-hour time" option. You can also enable it just for the menu bar.

How do I change my Macbook to 12 hour time?

Open System Settings > General > Date & Time and turn off the "Use 24-hour time" option. This will switch the display back to the 12-hour format with AM/PM indicators.

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