How to Add or Remove Desktop Widgets on Mac [macOS Sonoma]

Discover the power of desktop widgets in macOS Sonoma. Follow a detailed guide to add and remove widgets on your Mac desktop, customize their size, and optimize your workflow.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to Add or Remove Desktop Widgets on Mac

How to Add or Remove Desktop Widgets on Mac

The new macOS Sonoma brings widgets just like we got on iPhone and iPad directly to the Mac desktop. With just a click, you can add widgets like weather, news, calendar, reminders, and more for at-a-glance information. You can also remove desktop widgets just as easily when you no longer need them. In this guide, we'll see the step-by-step process of Adding & removing desktop widgets on Mac.

Introducing Desktop Widgets in macOS Sonoma

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Widgets in macOS Sonoma provide a fun new way to stay informed and entertained! By adding widgets directly to your desktop, you can now access timely information without having to open apps or going into the Notification Center.

Get a quick forecast by clicking a weather widget, or easily control music playback using the Podcasts widget. Widgets are smart too. They automatically tint to match your desktop wallpaper and fade when not in use to reduce clutter. Don't worry about them getting in the way either - widgets automatically hide when you open apps, then reappear when you minimize the app window.

For iPhone users, drag and drop widgets from your iPhone to your Mac for a seamless cross-device experience. With so many powerful customization options, widgets in macOS Sonoma offer a fun new way to stay up-to-date while adding both form and function to your desktop!

How to Add Widgets to the Desktop on Mac

1. You can add new widgets from the Widgets Gallery for this on your desktop screen right-click and select “Edit Widgets.”

2. In the Widgets Gallery you can View All Widgets or by App: The left sidebar shows all apps with widgets. The right side displays those widgets.


3. Drag and drop desired widgets onto the desktop then click “Done.”

4. Once added, desktop widgets can be customized, you can Rearrange widgets by dragging them around the desktop. And if you right-click on the widgets then you'll get three options, "Small, Medium, Large" by which you can Resize widgets.

How to remove widgets from your Mac desktop?

Removing desktop widgets is just as easy, just right-click on the widgets & select the removed widget option.

Other than that you can also enter edit mode & Locate the widget on the desktop and click the remove (-) button. This will also make your widget disappear from the desktop.


With the addition of desktop widgets in macOS Sonoma, Mac users can now customize their desktop more than ever for productivity and entertainment. Take advantage of this new feature by adding your most used iPhone widgets as well as informative new ones tailored to your needs. Keep your workflow efficient by making use of interactive widgets that integrate with your apps and smart home. Desktop widgets offer a fun new way to add both form and function to your Mac. Try out different widgets to find your perfect desktop setup.

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