2 Ways to Forward Calls on iPhone in 2024

Discover two simple ways to forward calls on your iPhone. Whether through settings or USSD codes, customize call forwarding for specific scenarios with ease.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Ways to Forward Calls on iPhone

Ways to Forward Calls on iPhone

Whether you need to divert calls temporarily or setup permanent forwarding, this guide provides two easy methods to forward calls from your iPhone. The settings method is simplest, while USSD codes offer more control over specific forwarding scenarios. Both internal settings and dialing codes are covered, along with important tips to avoid issues. Read on to start redirecting your calls with just a few taps.

How to Set up Call Forwarding on Your iPhone

Method 1: Forward Calls on iPhone Using iPhone Settings

The simplest way to set up call forwarding on iPhone is directly through your iPhone's Settings:

  1. Open the Settings app and tap on "Phone".

  2. Tap on "Call Forwarding" and toggle it on.

  3. Under "Forward To", enter the number you want calls forwarded to.

  4. Tap the back button to save the number.

All calls will now be automatically forwarded to the number you entered.

Method 2: Forward Calls on iPhone Using USSD Codes

You can also set up call forwarding using USSD codes directly in the Phone app:

  • To forward all calls, dial *21*PhoneNumber#

  • To forward when busy, dial *67*PhoneNumber#

  • To forward unanswered calls, dial *61*PhoneNumber#

  • To forward when unreachable, dial *62*PhoneNumber#

How to Disable Call Forwarding on iPhone

When you want to stop forwarding calls In the iPhone Settings, toggle the Call Forwarding switch to off.

If you want to disable call forwarding via USSD code:

  • To deactivate forward all calls, dial ##21#

  • To deactivate forward when busy, dial ##67#

  • To deactivate forward unanswered calls, dial ##61#

  • To deactivate forward when unreachable, dial ##62#

Important Tips

To avoid issues when setting up call forwarding, keep these tips in mind:

  • Double-check that you entered the correct phone number to forward calls to.

  • If call forwarding is not working, check your network connection.

  • Make sure your iPhone model supports call-forwarding features.

  • Contact your mobile provider's customer support if you have trouble enabling call forwarding.


With the options covered here, forwarding your iPhone calls could not be easier. The settings provide a quick solution, and USSD codes allow customizing forwarding by call type. Be sure to double-check numbers and connectivity to avoid problems going forward (or not forwarding!). Whether you need to forward your business line or want to divert during a meeting, follow these steps to keep your communication flowing.

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