How to Make Live Wallpaper on Android or iPhone [2024]

Elevate your device's look! Turn ordinary photos into animated live wallpapers on Android and iPhone. Learn to use StoryZ app with step-by-step instructions.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to Make Live Wallpaper on Android or iPhone

How to Make Live Wallpaper on Android or iPhone

Adding animated wallpapers to your Android or iPhone can be a fun way to customize and personalize your device. One easy way to create dynamic, moving wallpapers is by using the StoryZ app to convert standard photos into short, looping live wallpaper videos. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to use StoryZ to make live wallpapers on both Android and iPhone. It covers the full process from downloading the app, selecting effects and photos, exporting the wallpaper video, and setting it as your active wallpaper.

How to Make Live Wallpaper on Android or iPhone

1. Download the StoryZ app on your Android or iPhone devices. StoryZ is available on both platforms, so the steps will be pretty similar. After downloading, open the StoryZ app.

2. Once the StoryZ app opens, tap on the plus icon located at the bottom middle of the screen. This will open the effects menu.

3. In the effects menu, you will see 4 effects available for free. To access more effects, you need to purchase a premium subscription. For this example, let's select the first free effect called "Ripple." Tap on "Ripple" to select it.

4. After selecting the effect, StoryZ will prompt you to choose a photo from your device's photo gallery to use for the live wallpaper. Browse your photo gallery and select the desired photo.


5. Once you've selected a photo, you can use the crop tool to crop or zoom in on a specific part of the image. Crop as desired, then tap the checkmark icon in the upper right corner when finished.

6. Next, tap on the "Motion" option at the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to draw lines on the photo where you want the motion effect to be applied. Draw lines over the areas you want to look animated.

7. Now select the "Pin" tool at the bottom. Use this to place red dots on parts of the photo you want to remain static and not move. Tap the play button to preview how the pins and motion look. Adjust as needed, then tap the save icon in the upper right when done.

8. On the export screen, first select "Video" as the output format. Below that, choose your desired resolution (max 720p) and duration (max 24 secs) based on the free version limitations. Other then that you can also select the "GIF" option from here, both are good. Tap "Export" when settings are complete.


9. Finally, tap the "Save" button at the bottom to save the converted live wallpaper video to your device's photo gallery for use. And this is how you make Live Wallpaper on Android or iPhone. In a similar way, you can explore the other effects of the app.


How to set video as wallpaper on Android

1. Open your device's photo gallery and locate the newly created live wallpaper video that was exported from StoryZ. Tap on the 3 vertical dots icon in the upper right corner.


2. From the pop-up menu, select the "Set as Wallpaper" option. This will initiate the process of setting the live wallpaper.

3. Next, choose to set the live wallpaper as your lock screen background. There may be additional options here depending on if you saved as video or GIF.

4. You will now see a preview of your lock screen with the new live wallpaper animation applied. On this preview screen, you can customize and edit elements like the clock style, notifications, shortcuts, etc. Make any desired changes. Once you have customized the lock screen to your liking, tap the "Done" button in the upper right corner to finalize setting the live wallpaper as your lock screen wallpaper.

How to set video as wallpaper on iPhone

  1. Open the Settings app and tap Wallpaper. Alternatively, you can long press on an empty area of your lock screen and tap the "+" button when the wallpaper customization menu appears.

  2. In Settings or on your lock screen, tap Choose a New Wallpaper.

  3. At the top, tap Live. This will show you available Live Photos. Browse your Live Photos and tap the one you want to use.

  4. Use pinch and zoom gestures to position the Live Photo. You can zoom in or out and move the photo around until you have the desired framing and focus. Once you are happy with the positioning, tap Set.

  5. On the next screen, choose if you want this Live Photo as your lock screen, home screen, or both (Set Both).

  6. Your selected Live Photo will now animate as a short video loop on your chosen wallpaper(s) whenever the screen turns on.

  7. To change it later, go back to Settings > Wallpaper and choose a new Live Photo.


Following the steps outlined above, you can easily transform ordinary photos into animated lock screen or home screen wallpapers on Android and iPhone devices using the StoryZ app. With just a few taps, your static images can become dynamic live wallpapers with motion effects applied. Set these moving wallpapers as your lock screen to add personality and visual interest to your device whenever it turns on. Experiment with different photos, effects and positioning until you have a customized live wallpaper that really makes your phone stand out.

FAQs - Live Wallpaper on Android or iPhone

Are there built-in live wallpapers on Android?

No, Android doesn't offer native live wallpapers, but you can use third-party apps like StoryZ & others.

Will using a live wallpaper drain my battery?

Live wallpapers may use a small amount of additional battery since they are animated and need to run constantly. However, most quality live wallpapers are optimized to have minimal battery impact.

Can I use animated GIFs as live wallpapers?

Yes, you can use GIFs as live wallpapers on both Android and iPhone.

Can I create my own live wallpaper?

Yes, there are apps like StoryZ that allow you to create customized live wallpapers from your own photos and videos. You can add animation effects and export as a wallpaper file.

Can I use any photo for my live wallpaper?

Generally yes, most apps allow you to convert any photo from your camera roll into a live wallpaper. The animation effects will be applied to your photo.

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