How to Hide Private Photos on Android

Explore ways to safeguard personal photos on Android. From hidden folders to secure apps, keep your private content protected.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to Hide Your Private Photos on Android

How to Hide Your Private Photos on Android

We all have some private photos on our phones that we’d rather keep away from the prying eyes of friends, family members, or coworkers who may accidentally stumble upon them. On Android devices, there are a few different options to help keep those personal pictures discreet. Let's see each one by one.

Method 1: Creating Hidden Folders

Android allows you to create hidden folders directly through your device’s file manager. In this, you can make a new folder & put any private photos inside this and make the folder hidden so it doesn't show up in your regular photo gallery.

The way to do this is by adding a period (.) in front of the folder name when you create it. For example, name the folder .privatephotos. The period makes Android treat it as a hidden folder.

To create a hidden folder:

1. Open your device's Files app or file manager.

2. Create a new folder and add a period as the first character of the name, such as .privatepics.


3. Now select private photos to copy or move to the new hidden folder. The folder will now be hidden from your photo gallery. You'd need to access it directly through the file manager.

This method essentially hides the folder of photos. Someone would have to know to look for hidden files and folders to find it. However, the photos aren't encrypted. But it provides a quick way to hide photos without any extra apps.

Method 2: Use a File Locker App

There are a few good gallery app options that let you hide pictures away. A few popular ones are KeepSafe, Vaulty, and Gallery Vault.

They work by letting you set up a secret vault in the app that's locked with a password. So you can save all your private shots in there without worrying about someone else seeing them accidentally. It's like having a hidden folder just for your hidden gems.

Some of these privacy apps even go a step further with extra security features too. Things like fake logins so if someone tries opening the app, it just looks like a regular photo gallery at first glance. Or "stealth modes" that hide the vault entirely until you unlock it.

Setting them up is simple. Just download whichever one you want from the Google Play store. Then follow the prompts to pick a password and move your photos into the encrypted vault area. From there, it's your secret photo stash that only you can access with your password.

Method 3: Using Google Photos

Another option is to use Google Photos to hide private photos if you sync your device photos with it. Google Photos has a "Locked Folder" feature that lets you move photos into a passcode-protected space.

To set this up:

1. Open the Google Photos app.

2. As the app opens up, tap on the Library at the bottom right corner & then tap on the Utilities.

3. In the Utilities, scroll down & tap on the "Locked Folder" option. After that enable Locked Folder and set a passcode.

4. Now open your photos in Google Photos and select the photos you want to set as private & tap the 3-dot menu at the upper right corner.

5. Here choose "Move to Locked Folder" to hide them. Now the photos will be hidden from your main Google Photos view and other apps. You'll need to enter your passcode in Google Photos to view them.

This gives you passcode protection for private photos stored in Google's cloud. However, anyone with your Google account login could access them. But it does provide another option for photo hiding integrated with your Google account.


In the end, all three options - hidden folders, File locker apps, and Google photos - can help you hide your private photos on an Android device. Just be aware that a determined person could still uncover your photos through hacking, spyware, or access to your unlocked passwords. Use caution in keeping any truly sensitive photos only on a mobile device.

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