How to Improve Battery Life on Android

Maximize your Android phone's battery life.

By Abhishek Chandel
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10 Ways to Improve Battery Life on Android

Ways to Improve Battery Life on Android

Do you find yourself constantly reaching for the charger because your Android phone’s battery just can’t keep up? With all the amazing features and big, bright screens on today’s Android phones, it’s no surprise that they can be power-hungry. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to extend your phone’s battery life.

In this blog post, we’ll share 10 tips to help you get more juice out of your Android device. From using power-saving mode to tweaking your screen brightness, we’ve got you covered with practical advice. So, let’s dive in and discover how to make your phone’s battery last longer!

10 Ways to Improve Battery Life on Android

1. Reduce Screen Brightness

The screen uses a lot of your phone's battery. You might want the screen really bright to see it better. But turning down the brightness can help your battery last longer. While auto-brightness can help, adjusting the brightness yourself gives you the most control over your battery life. Find a comfortable brightness level that doesn't strain your eyes but is also as low as possible. The lower you can go, the longer your battery will last between charges.

To lower brightness, go to Settings > Display and drag the brightness slider left. Lowering to around 30-50% is ideal. Also, enable Adaptive Brightness so your phone learns your preferences.


2. Enable Battery Saver Mode

Android has a built-in battery-saving mode that throttles background activity to preserve power. It disables syncing, limits vibration and performance, and takes other steps to restrict battery usage. Turning this on during long periods of inactivity, like when your phone is idle at night, can extend battery life.

For this go to Settings > Battery and device care > Battery, and then next to Power saving mode, Tap the switch to turn it on.

3. Disable Unused Features

Are you constantly using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or GPS while out and about? If not, disabling these unused features can stop them from sucking away the battery in the background when not needed. You can always turn them back on as required.

To disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS, swipe down from the top of your screen and tap the icon to turn them off when not needed.

4. Stop Unused Apps

Apps running in the background, even when you aren't actively using them, can drain your battery through background processes and syncing. Stop battery-hogging apps by force closing them when not needed or disabling/uninstalling if rarely used.

For this swipe up from the bottom of your home screen to access open apps & swipe up the app that you want to close.

5. Limit Push Notifications

Push notifications wake your phone's screen and use extra power. Audit apps with notifications enabled and disable them for apps that don't need them. Turn off notification badges and sounds too for added savings.

For each app, go to Settings > Notifications > Notifications categories and disable categories you don't need to be notified on. Turn off notification dots, sounds, and vibrations you don't need.

6. Update Your Apps

Over time, apps may become less optimized and end up using more battery. Keeping all your apps updated ensures they run efficiently and do not tax your battery unnecessarily. Updates also patch security issues.

You can keep apps updated by checking the Play Store's Updates tab regularly or enabling auto-updates.

7. Limit Live Wallpapers

Live wallpapers look cool but they animate in the background non-stop and quickly decrease battery life. For longer battery life, switch to a static image wallpaper. The difference can be significant over a full charge.

8. Adjust Screen Timeout

Shortening your screen timeout so the display turns off faster when inactive can provide big battery savings over time. Set it to as short as you can tolerate. You can also optimize timeout by the app if desired.

For this go to Settings > Display > Screen Timeout and select a shorter duration before your screen turns off when idle. 15-30 seconds is reasonable.

9. Use Dark Mode

For phones with OLED displays, switching to dark mode can cut power consumption by lighting fewer pixels. The darker interface also puts less strain on your eyes. Using dark mode is an easy change with a noticeable impact.

To enable dark mode by going to Settings > Display and turn on Dark Theme to switch your phone to a black background. This saves power on OLED screens.

10. Avoid Temperature Extremes

Exposing your phone to extremely high or low temperatures puts strain on the battery. Don't leave your phone baking in direct sunlight or in a freezing car for long. Moderating the temperature keeps your battery in its happy zone.


In short, there are lots of ways to make your Android phone's battery last longer. Dimming your screen and turning on battery-saver mode can help, as can shutting off features you don't need and limiting app notifications. With these simple techniques, you'll get more life from your phone between charges. Once you implement these practical suggestions, you'll notice an improvement in your phone's Battery performance.

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