How to disable absolute Bluetooth volume on Android?

Check out steps to disable absolute volume on Android through Developer Options to resolve volume inconsistencies with Bluetooth audio devices.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Bluetooth volume on Android (Image via TechFirstNow)

The ability to easily sync volume levels between devices is appealing for Bluetooth audio convenience. When Android 6.0 introduced its "absolute volume" feature, the goal was simple—just one slider to rule them all. However, some users soon found this integration caused unwanted issues with inconsistent sound.

This guide explores resolving such volume troubles by disabling the absolute setting. Regaining independent control over each device allows customizing to your liking. The steps involve accessing the normally hidden Developer Options menu, an easy process outlined here.


Before adjusting the absolute volume setting, one must first enable Developer Options on their Android device. Developer Options provides access to advanced configurations aimed at app creation. It acts as a secret menu of technical options. Developer Options contains controls intended for developers rather than regular users. However, certain settings within can also be useful for consumers.

Steps to disable absolute Bluetooth volume on Android

1. First, launch the settings menu by tapping its icon, typically appearing as a gear.

2. Locate and select the "About Phone" option to view details on your model.

3. Now select the software information option.

4. Within this area lies the "Build Number" entry. Rapidly tap this field approximately seven times until a message confirms developer mode activation.


5. This grants access to additional advanced settings. Return to the primary settings display where "Developer Options" now appears at the bottom, tap on it to open.


6. Scroll through its options until the "Disable Absolute Volume" setting is found. Toggle this feature to deactivate the volume synchronization with Bluetooth devices.


Testing the Volume Levels

Now it's time to check if disabling absolute volume fixed the level issues. Reconnect your Bluetooth audio device to verify. Once paired again, adjust the volume on both your phone and the other end. Then test some music or videos to see if the volumes act as desired.

Play around with the controls and listen closely to determine whether things now perform as expected. The goal is for levels to align properly with your preferences, rather than fighting the auto-sync. Take some time tweaking and experimenting with sounds. This final test will show if the change did the trick.

Disabling absolute volume via Developer Options restores individual control over your phone and Bluetooth device audio levels. This straightforward fix can solve troubles with problematic volume behaviour. Adjustments through Developer Options give back customization that automated syncing may have disrupted.


Will disabling absolute volume impact battery life?

Disabling absolute volume is not expected to significantly impact battery life.

Can I re-enable absolute volume later if desired?

Yes, absolute volume can be reactivated at any time by toggling the setting back to its default state within Developer Options.

Will the absolute volume setting persist after a software update or factory reset?

The setting typically remains after updates but may reset to the default enabled state following a factory reset.

Do I need to disable it for every Bluetooth device?

No, the adjustment globally affects all Bluetooth audio connected to your Android device.

Can I disable without enabling Developer Options?

Accessing the option requires first enabling Developer Options, as it is only found within that menu.

Will disabling affect other audio?

No, it solely impacts volume sync between your device and Bluetooth audio. Other sound functions and settings should be unaffected.

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