How to Change Your Country or Region in the Google Play Store

Explore the quick guide to switch your Play Store country for more apps and tailored content. Perfect for travelers, expats, or those seeking a diverse app selection.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to Change Your Country or Region in the Google Play Store

How to Change Your Country or Region in the Google Play Store

Changing your default country in the Google Play Store is a simple process that only takes a few taps. Whether moving to a new country or wanting access to a different app selection, switching Play Store locales allows full customization. By following these 11 steps, you can quickly and easily establish a new profile tied to any supported nation. This adjusts where purchases are billed from and what digital content is made visible to browse.

Why Change the Play Store Country?

Here are some of the main reasons you may want to change your country or region in the Play Store:

  • Certain apps, books, music and more may only be available in specific countries. Changing your Play Store country can unlock more content.

  • If you travel abroad, changing your country temporarily makes it easy to download apps and access services as if you were a local.

  • If you move to a new country, changing your Play Store country makes sense to see apps and recommendations relevant to your new location.

How to Change Your Country in the Play Store App

1. Open the Play Store app and tap on your profile icon in the top right.

2. Tap on "Payments and subscriptions."

3. Now select the "Payment Methods" option.

4. Here scroll down to the bottom & tap on the "More payment settings".

5. In the "payment settings" page, tap on the menu icon in the upper left corner.

6. Select the Settings from the Menu.

7. Here tap on "Country/Region" to expand it.


8. Below "Country/Region", you'll see the "Create new profile" button, tap on it.

9. Then it'll ask for confirmation so tap on the "Continue" button.

10.  Now select the country & Follow the prompts to fill in the required address information for that country.

11.  Now whenever you want to change your country in the Play Store then tap on Your name at the top left side on the payment settings page & select the profile from the desired location from the bottom.

Changing your Google Play Store country or region is simple once you know the steps. There are many good reasons to switch countries, like accessing more content, using apps when traveling, or moving to a new location. Just be aware it may take some time to fully process.

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